Why don't whispers heal you?

Once reaching sacrament the game difficulty went way up, the fact that whispers don’t heal you or anything besides eating limited resources makes things tough to manage. At least give us the option to use the bed in the rookery to heal.


To punctuate this comment, I agree. If the description is that you’re there to “rest” I think healing when you save would make whispers feel a little better when you find them.


I have played the game and experienced that I couldn’t heal my character at the whispers at different locations in the game.

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Absolutely agree. They took it out, and that was a mistake.
Sure, find another way, but enable it again until you do find a better solution

The answer is: because using Whispers doesn’t respawn enemies.

That’s it. It’s a different game flow from your typical Souls bonfire. Can’t have free healing without respawning enemies.


maybe it can heal you 1 time and then a 10 min cooldown or something would be a good balance?


It doesn’t heal you because people would just running back to the whisper. Its not like a Dark Souls game, where everything respawn.


Show me the law that dictates this. You can’t, because the combination of healing+no respawn is possible. In fact, they had it in the streamer test period, so it’s certainly possible.

I’m not referring to dark souls when I’m asking for whispers to heal me. I’m referring to the terrible QoL where I have finished a number of fights, I’m out of food, I’m at a whisper and there’s no way for me to heal except killing myself (jumping off a cliff, aggroing a mob I clearly can’t fight at the moment, …)

Stop telling people “this is not dark souls” and start making a valid reason why this QoL feature shouldn’t exist.
Is it because you’re a try hard and you don’t want to heal? Well, we could make it an option right beneath “fast travel” and “leave” and that would work for your argument.


Aside from the beginning of the game before you reach Sacrament, it’s very easy to get a lot of food to heal yourself so in my opinion Whispers not healing you isn’t an issue.

That being said I wouldn’t complain if they did heal you, I just don’t think it’s something the game needs.

I apologize if I stepped on your toes -

I was answering a balance question, and I meant to be pithy and lighthearted, not condescending.

My reference to Dark Souls was only that, in that case- you do recover all health at every ‘Whisper/bonfire.’ You also respawn every enemy, so you can’t take advantage of the healing to progress. It’s saying ‘I’m starting this section over.’

If touching a whisper refills your health, that creates a balance issue because you can go back to the whisper after each enemy you take down. It would make adventuring quite a bit easier, and trivialize the health recovery mechanics.

It sounds like you were in a tricky situation where you ran out of food, which is frustrating- but this is preventable after the first stretch to Sacrament. You can stock up on food fairly easily, purchase supplies for cheap once you’ve got the food guy, and fast travel back to Sacrament at any time from a Whisper if you’re in a pinch.

I believe they are trying to strike a balance with the level of difficulty such that No Rest is more accessible than a From Software game, and I’m all for it. I am used to harder games, and I enjoy them, but I think this game can be a fun challenge without being merciless to people who don’t enjoy From Soft.

In No Rest, enemies only respawn with time. If the Whisper were changed to refill health, they would likely make other changes to counter-balance, as I expect that they don’t want to undermine the need for food/healing items.


What would be wrong if people ran back to the whisper and heal ? It’s their time, they should be able to play how they want. You can just never go to the whisper and do as you please, it would not ruin your experience. If others feel like they want it or need it, then why not ? It is punishment enough that they have to walk to the whisper to heal, but it would also feel nice to find that whisper after reaching it with less than 10%HP. It can be balanced with a cooldown so it does not get abused and it does not affect you at all, it just might feel better for others.

Whispers should also let you teleport to any other unlocked whisper or at least have one “main” whisper in every area that you can teleport to.

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Just to call out the irony: you are not ok with people backtracking for a healing spot, but you’re ok with a cheap way to stock up on unlimited healing consumables.

If cheap unlimited healing is ok, then investing time backtracking for a “currency free but not time-free” healing option sounds pretty reasonable, right?

Ps. No toes stepped, the internet is a battleground for thoughts and opinions :slightly_smiling_face:


I disagree. With that logic we all should get a cheat engine Ingame, so wie can do as we please.
It‘s not an argument for why they should let you heal and teleport.
In the other hand, there are good reasons why you should not teleport everywhere.

You have bounty’s, teleporting to the area‘s you like give you no „challenge“ and the way through the area’s are meant to incentives you to loot and fight.
Because the area‘s are very short, your main area is the city (Just like you wanted a main Whisper) (You can upgrade the City to go to the area’s faster) and to go to the last whisper in a area doesn’t take you longer then 60-120 seconds, if you force it.

Alternatively (and more fun in my eyes) you could let us teleport and make the bounties way more difficult bossfights

Nobody is asking for fast travel everywhere. Every Area should have one “main” whisper that you can teleport to.

And what if you finish a bounty fast ? Or get to the bounty location fast ? Why is that bad ? Also, no, some places take 10 minutes to walk there, if you don’t fight anything on the way there. Even if it takes 2 minutes to walk somewhere, why not just teleport ? Why waste the 2 minutes walking if the result is the same 2 minutes later ?

You, since you like walking so much, can always walk. I want to farm my materials where I want to farm them without the 10 minutes walk there. We both have want we want and it would not change your experience, it would just not waste my time with a useless and wasteful walk.

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You miss the point he is making. You can only get food with currency.
Another way to make you go through the level and not just skip everything.

To make the Levels is quite challenging i assume and like you see, they are short but in depth planned.
So, to engage in the levels, they have the systems and everything is build around engagement in the level.

If you want a heal, you already get healing aura a channeling. Enjoy the crucible and fight only with unlimited heal, if you have no interest in the game loop.

I am all in for that, but they have the crucible for that. You can clearly see the vision of unlimited fighting areas in the future and I looking forward to it.
But the System to make you engage in the level should not be touched in my opinion.

If you can do all that fast, the game loses the immersion.
Devs have a vision for the game, to make systems for everyone, you have a game with no character. Sometime it’s not about making everyone happy.

They should add a cheat engine like in the old times, then you can do like you please.
But wasting development time for some people that don‘t like to move 2 mins, it’s not worth the time.
Such changes need a overhaul of other systems aswell.

I mean , let’s be honest here.
Nobody likes all systems.

I don’t like to farm material to upgrade the shops. I would like automatic upgrades after progressing through the story.
But I get why it‘s in the game, why other people like it.
To say: Change it, because I don’t like it and it cost time to do it, makes no sense.

What I proposed does not take away from any immersion, it just does not waste time for no good reason. If something can be circumvented by wasting time, then it’s not a good “vision” now, is it ?

Answer the simple question, without holding water for anyone else or trying to defend what someone elses “vision” is: If I can just walk somewhere in 2+ minutes without engaging with anything, why not have at the start of the main areas a whisper to teleport to ? Is the vision that 2+ minutes have to be wasted by walking there and is that a good “vision” for a game that expects you to farm multimple times the same area for hundreds of materials ? To add to this is the worst inventory system in the past 20 years. I havent used pen and paper to track my loot since at least 10-15 years ago, now I do need to use pen and paper to track inventory :slight_smile:

So you walk once to an area, start farming it, the inventory gets full instantly, teleport to Sacrament, open the 20 chests in your house and try to keep them organized, put the loot inside, walk again back to where you were and continue farming. I’m pretty sure this is not what anyone had invisioned for the game and it is indeed a problem, and it is most likely to be fixed in the future.

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yeah its one of those adjustments that p people off, but trust me, there is enough food and recipes ready for you being gathered and cooked, maybe it needs a tweak in the beginning like durability does, but after the initial hour or two I started to respect this way of doing things…