Bug: whispers don’t heal you

I’ve played the game for a few hours now and been on discord/forums a lot. I understand that whispers used to heal you, but now they don’t.

And my ingame experience is that this feels like a major bug.

I’m sure you consider it a feature, but you’ve effectively made the following situation very common:

  • player is low on health after a fight
  • player has no/little food as it was all used for this fight
  • question: how do I heal? Well, there’s this magical spot safe from harm where I could tend my wounds.
  • answer: but it doesn’t, so I’ll just throw myself off a cliff to heal

Throwing yourself off a cliff should never be the most sensible way of healing. If you’re concerned about roleplay and immersion: this is the exact opposite…

That’s not a bug it’s intended, for now at least. There is no healing in the game other than eating, regen, killing things with the proper enchantments, or death.

If you want want Whispers to heal you should post it in feedback.

Did you even read the post?

Also, yes, I tagged it as a bug, feedback and suggestion, which I believe you can see?