About the lack of "healing stations" in the wild

This is just a thing that slightly bothered me in the first hours of gameplay, until I got to Sacrament, but it seems there is no way to heal with “world structures”. I was more often than not forced to wander around at 3/4 health because I didn’t want to waste half the heal of one of my healing items, and while it was not a real problem it still felt… suboptimal.

My suggestion is adding something that works as a limited healing station, like you can go there to heal but only for a total of 100 health then either it enters a long cooldown period or disappears completely and after some time a new station generates in a random spot not too distant from the previous one.

This could lessen the unsatisfying impact of running around with “not high enough to heal” damage, while still pushing the player to explore and manage its recources well.

I wouldn’t go for a full-refilling, completely infinite healing spot like bonfires in dark souls. In my opinion the lack of “OP” healing stations you kind of must reach doesn’t complement well with both the game’s healing mechanic and pacing of exploration.

I just munch on some extra mushrooms while a wander and it works fine. However the heal, 10 HP over 10 seconds, it pretty underwhelming until you can get a healing increase enchant on an item.