When you die, what exactly do you lose?

I know you lose durability, but do you also lose all the meals you created and ate during the fight? Seems I noticed that on one of the streams where they had 10 meals, used them all on the boss, died, and they didn’t have any more when they respawned. IF that’s the case, do the ingredients in the world respawn, so you can go make them all again or was that a glitch?


Yep, food / meals are consumable items (i.e., do not replenish on respawn or interacting with a Cerim Whisper). You lose the meal upon consuming it, regardless of death.

Resources do respawn (1 in-game day for trees, ore, etc.), though I’m unsure if there’s a unique cadence for food ingredients like mushrooms and artemisia. There may also be safety-nets in place for certain areas (e.g., ensuring players that struggle on the 1st boss don’t get stuck in a cycle of little-to-no healing).

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Once you reach the city you can unlock cook npc that sell cooking ingredients.
It is hard to run out of food at that point.

Only before the first boss depending on how you play you may run out of food, but on the other side you have free repairs. So just try killing the boss without using food because there is no penalty if you die at this point.

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Yes, thank you! Now I definitely know. hehe