Respawn explained

Hi, good morning, good people :slight_smile: Could someone please indicate any tutorial or explain here the respawn system. What I have faced yesterday is that after dying several times (while already having sword, tunic and pants), they went red after a while in the inventory, but later they gone. Meaning I have no armor, no clothes, no weapon after few respawns. The game suggests I should visit blacksmith. Now, will I get back my equipment when I hopefully find the blacksmith (it is also very difficult as I have nothing to fight with :-)) or what should I do. Any other specifics I should be aware of regarding the respawn system. What are the consequences of respawning in short? Thank you

If you let the gear break, it is gone forever from what I understood with my tools. I was chopping a tree, the axe broke and it was deleted from my inventory, I believe when it starts to get yellow look for the blacksmith ASAP.


The first blacksmith is a little ways into the game, if you like exploring and doing everything around you, it will take you around 1 hour to find him, so be careful, later on he stays in the city forever.

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Thank you for your answer. Appreciate it