I can't progress in the game because I no longer have a weapon.


Due to repeated deaths, my weapon is broken and I don’t have another one. I don’t have access to the forge yet. Where I am, I need to kill 3 enemies but I can’t manage it.


You might want to try creating a new realm; you can even use the same character so you don’t lose any XP or your other items! There is always a weapon on the corpse on the bridge toward the first fireplace.

Then make sure to save the blacksmith in the castle area; he will give you free repairs until after you beat the first boss!

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Or you can try to follow your roll with a backstab bare handed, that will make combat with multiple enemies a lot easier.

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This is the flaw with durability of this game.

If the Devs insists on implementing durability to this game, at least make it decrease slower and make repair powder obtainable easily and early in the game.

At the moment, Durability is a real problem especially early in the game before having gaining access to the repair Rune.

Once, you obtained Repair Rune, Durability can be easily ignored. At this point, i don’t see any use for durability anymore. It’s like a redundant feature.