Please just get rid of durability

For a game that involves ALOT of dying, Having durability just makes no sense.
Maybe there are reasons for the Devs to implement it, but it does not make for a good experience.
If there are any reasons the Devs implemented it and i fail to see it, at least make it not as punishing. For example, make loss of durability only when using it and not when dying, make repairing it cheap and easily accessible. The game is great so far.

Edit: I take it all back. I DO NOT see any reason why Durability should exist in this game. I just lost my weapon and armor from fighting and dying. Jesus Holy Christ! Guys please, for the love of everything under the damn sun, just remove durability already.

Durability is like Cancer, there is no reason whatsoever to have it in you.

Edit 2: Even the tools have Durability? Am i playing Animal Crossing here?

Edit 3: As suggested by user Scarletwing,

A better alternative. Go to blacksmith or use portable tool and “sharpen” weapon and it does extra damage or damage type until the “sharpness” or “charges” runs out and it becomes the base weapon it started out with.

This would encourage people to “maintain” their weapon. This works like durability but instead of punishing, it is rewarding.


At a minimum get rid of all durability in the starter area before you get to a repair stations. I’m basically stranded in the starter zone with broken weapons and can’t find a way to repair them while the mobs in the area have great axes and can 2 shot me.


Same here. I can only imagine when we progress further and more problems will start showing up and makes things worse.

but i still think Durability should be remove completely, not just the starting area.


I’m not a fan of durability in games at all and it ticks down reasonably fast particularly when you lose it for dying but I’m dying because I’m trying to climb but my character dodges instead and rolls off the tower and things of that nature.

The other thing I would say is that in the tutorial area I’m sure it mentions smashing things and if that’s something you want to encourage so people can find secrets or shortcuts or hidden items then having degradation of weapons is going discourage that, particularly when it gets low.

If durability is going to be present in the game then fine but it definitely needs tweaked to make it less of a punishment or at least give us an early recipe for fixing kits or whatever or resetting durability when interacting with a rest point or something of that nature.


I supported durability to start, but it is implemented so poorly that at this point they need to remove it entirely.

The problem is that the mobs are way overpowered and you end up dying entirely to much for this system to work.

The whole game punishing you at every turn, from slow speed, traversing all the up and down movement with clutter and water, durability, not enough resources, is just to much.

Games are supposed to be fun, and at no point am I having fun.


Personally, I am fine with durability.
I have only played 19 hours on 2nd boss.

However, I do think nowadays players hate being punished. If Moon Studios’ devs could implement a system like Monster Hunter’s sharpness mechanic instead of durability, rewarding players for taking care of their equipment, it could make this situation completely different.


I agree with everything you said here, and I hadn’t even thought about durability degrading when smashing breakables :sweat_smile:. That should DEFINITELY be changed.


This could be a better alternative. Go to blacksmith and “sharpen” weapon and it does extra damage or damage type until the “sharpness” or “charges” runs out and it becomes the base weapon it started out with.

This would encourage people to “maintain” their weapon. This works like durability but instead of punishing, it is rewarding.

Thumbs Up! Good suggestion


This feels like an honest solution with good fundamentals

I very much hope they remove durability OR make it work differently. Like, at zero durability you could have less damage or less knockback or a chance for your attack to miss or bounce-off, like MH sharpness. Armour could garant less defence or maybe lower your max stamina or something.
Not straight up losing it. Losing the weapon/armour is very evil, expecially if it’s something you’ve invested time and resources on. Not that it happend to me, but I can see it happening in the future.


Yeah I’ve died so much from fall damage because the climb button is the same as the dodge /dash button. And you literally die falling off a 1 5 foot ledge.

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Durability is not fun, and it takes up time. I am a father and have little time to play games. The actual combat and learning to defeat enemies have been rewarding and quite challenging. I died a lot to the first boss, but it was free to repair.

I kept fighting him until I could reliably get him down to 60%-ish health before needing to heal. He died within a couple of attempts after I used healing.

The key here is this: time is punishment enough but in a good way. It felt rewarding to hone your skills, and when I finally defeated the boss, it felt great! All I had to do was spend time towards my goal, not adjacent to it.

However, anything that slows progress ultimately does what? It adds more time to complete the same objective. Oh, now I need to find more cooking reagents to heal; now I need to repair my gear; now I need to go back and open chests again to sell items to afford to repair or buy other reagents.
Even doing those activities costs some reagents, meaning more time.

We need feedback to learn when content is too difficult for your current level/gear. If I am taking a lot of damage, I need to practice the fight more or level up a bit. Crafting foods costs time, and it modulates the time I’ll spend learning something. If it’s too hard, let’s try something else and practice fighting along the way.

All of this is fine until you add durability. Now, I can’t keep running back and learn how to fight the boss or tough enemy. No matter what you do, every death and every learning experience means I must waste more time with menial tasks.

Perhaps this changes later in the game? Making it affordable in terms of time, perhaps not. But doing tedious and difficult tasks to have fun doesn’t feel great.

The game felt palpably different before defeating the first boss. It was surprisingly fun to die. I wanted to run back and try it again. Now, just by adding the repair costs (which entails all the rest), playing feels much less enjoyable.

You’re left with, “Great, now I need to gather X/Y/Z again.”


For the love of God, do not add a gold/exp penalty for dying. That’ll make practicing feel even worse.

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Durability? Yes. But scaled down a lot from what it is now. I am now at Mariners and trying to fight three enemies with just a shield and all broken armor/items. Can’t repairt until I find a smith. Let us at least get something to repair it with, if only minor repairs.


100% agree, either get rid of it OR make the game much easier

I agree with removing durability. The suggestion made by Scarletwing is also fine but the current system HAS TO GO.


Don’t have to make the game easier, the enemies mechanics is not too hard to read.

But I’m suggesting ways to make the game more fun and rewarding instead of dread and punishing.

Durability exists to punish dying, but also, the healing system kind of already does this.

If I’m dying a lot, odds are I’m chugging pots. So I’ll run out, back track to collect ingredients, go to a campfire. This makes difficult encounters punishing enough already imo.

Durability is just kicking someone who is already down.

Compare this to souls-like games, you die, you lose your current souls (or whatever resource), you fail to get them back, you lose them for good. It’s punishing, but not excessively so.

In this you can easily blow through all your gold making repairs, find yourself unable to push forward as a result, lose your gear permanently, and probably have to spent untold amounts of time gathering heal items.

If the goal is to make us lose gold on repairs, just have us drop gold when we die. Easy. Also, sparing the frustrations of having to go out of your way to repair.


Please no. I think possibilities to repair cheap earlier on should be implemented. For example have Tier 1 gear way cheaper to repair and so on.

But until the first boss you can repair for free and after that you can get the repair skill, repair pots and so forth. Durability is fine with some tweaks.

I DO think though, you should be able to repair for free in your home once you get the anvil.

It already was fixed. I believe this post was before the fix when gear durability was incredibly low. They fixed it within 2 days and it’s perfect now. Just something you do when in town, not something you have to think about while out exploring

Honestly it’s such a non-issue now, they might as well get rid of it. xD

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