Get rid of gear durability

I can understand making the game challenging, but its also so easy to fall in this game and die instantly, that gear durability is a pita. Pretty much everything i have found in game isnt useable because it is at 0 durability and i cant fix it because it costs a ton to fix. It makes it so you do not want to try and engage in fights and instead run away as it is more costly to fight then run.

Edit being this post is still getting traction. I feel the devs fixed this issue within 2 days with the durability fix.


Durability is just part of this games mechanics it’s a rather soft punishment for dieing too. It’s not implemented in a bad way in my opinion. It’s better than loosing exp or currency. I was against it at first but I’m willing to give it a chance.


What kind of crack are you smoking soft punishment you will lose durability even if you don’t die so you are being punished for playing the game, As my dada always said I can fix a lot of things ignorance is not in my line of work.


Whats the point of it? My inventory is now full of gear i cant use or afford to fix. It makes it so you dont want to try to explore being its so easy to fall with the bad fixed camera angles. At least with the dark souls formula you can spend your xp at a bonfire so loss is minimal. With this i have nothing usable and it just makes it harder to do anything else.


I like the idea that dying should have a cost, but loosing equipment power feels like shit, it discourages exploration, it discourages experimentation in boss encounters.
There are better ways to implement such a thing:

  1. Sekiro style where you loose half of your xp
  2. Bloodborne style where you loose your blood echoes and you get a chance to get them back
    In these games I was never afraid to experiment in boss encounters or to explore.

On the other hand you have Dark Souls 3 where you loose the ember effect, or elden ring where you loose your great rune…well the cost was not really big…but since I knew that I will die a lot and the embers/ rune arcs where limited…I never bothered using those mechanics, and even this felt better than loosing equipment durability.


I missed some special ore deposit at the end of the trippy flower bridges (before falling in the pool/waterfall) because my pickaxe broke and I had no repairing powder. I’m not going back through the whole invisible flower path on WASD keyboard :smiley: I don’t mind durability, but it breaks way too quick for my taste and I hate the fact that when an item gets to 0 durability it gets deleted from the game. Imagine losing some precious item in the heat of combat before realizing it’s low durability and you will lose it forever on death :fearful:


Part of some of yours problems is embracing something new… It’s ok for games to innovate. I’m not here to argue or be disrespected. But Everytime I go to a game forum there’s always one guy complaining that it’s not like the LAST game he played. Embrace something new! Give it a chance.


I hate to say I dont really like durability as it is either. If we are meant to be punished for dying maybe a debuff (5 mins of -x% of all stats for example) would be better…? Random repair kits could work too. Its not a deal breaker but I think durability can be handled better.

MMOs handle durability well. Gear only breaks on death or verly slowly in use and are pretty cheap to fix.


I would say not get rid of but I would like to choose which item I wanna repair instead of repair all.


Its not that its not like the last game we played, its that its bad. Fromsoft has even learned the error of punishing players just to punish them. Its not good game design. It takes away your will to explore and engage in combat you might be under leveled for.


i like the whole durability system but maybe make it so that ur equipment takes less damage each time you die or make repairing cost less/find repair resources a lil bit easier

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Problem is your resources are limited in the early game so mechanics like durability in a souls like environment hurts you significantly more… why souls like games tend not to have durability for items because they expect you to die many times, and if your gear was to become useless while going through that time learning hurts any potential progress when you can’t progress any further because the game hinders unnecessary difficulty.


its a good mechanic just make it cheaper

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I think whats said here: being punished so hard while learning hurts, is kind of where its at. Maybe durability loss does not unlock until later? Could even just leave it be and add this and it may make a difference.

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It’s also burdened by the limited inventory space that we have (which has to be expanded using boss(?) materials.

Edit: Also thinking about how durability works, it’s really unfortunate to flat out lose the item when it breaks, as opposed to it needing to be repaired to be usable again. Imagine having a gold item and losing it forever because you forgot to check its status.

I’d like to either see durability completely removed or large buffs to the amount each item has. (Definitely remove it from resource tools though)


I lost all of my gear before I found a second weapon and before I found the person to repair my gear.

I like a good soulslike with difficult enemies, but durability like this seems to really discourage fighting hard encounters to learn mechanics and overcome.

Genuinely not sure what I’m going to do with this character. All I have left are my fists and no armor. Delete it and start a new one? Doesn’t feel great.


I played only for two hours and got damage on my gear only when dying on the first boss. I died a bunch with falls and some arduous combat but so far I don’t see a reason to complain. Seems fine to me.

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Fromsoft listened to all the whiners soo much to an extent that they barely made a difficult game in Elden Ring. People practically want the game to play itself.

I did start a new world and what happened is my character started the new world at his current level and items. So maybe try that as well.

So far seems pretty normal.

In keeping with the theme of the game I feel, adding weight to success and failure.

No-one likes a negative effect, or punishment for failure, which is why games are in the state they are today generally.

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