Durability and healing

I love the exploration and gameplay here.
The entire game seemed pretty well put together until i hit a boss that needed more then a few attempts. then the, for me, glaring faults became clear (at least for me).

I dont mind running my head into a wall when it comes to a hard encounter.
But the durability and healing system in this game simply does not allow you to do that in any way. which is very unfortunate when you want to make a “hard” game.

I’m forced to keep trying the boss with 0 healing items and eventually run out of durability and have to go back and pay about 10-15% of my total currency to repair my gear.

These mechanics eventually force me to stop trying to progress and go into previous areas, pick up plants and random stuff to get money and healing items to go back and try again.

This approach completely ruins the focus you try to maintain when killing a boss in a game that wants to be “soulslike”. Very unfortunate.

I sadly played it for too long to get a refund. But if changes are made to these systems i will happily come back and play.
But with how the systems currently work with durability and healing i have no interest in continuing to play this game. It quite simply ruins the experience for me.


Absolutely agree with everything in this post, durability and the healing system is like getting a stick in between the spokes on a pretty enjoyable ride.


Totally agree.
If you want to make “soulslike” bosses you have to grind over and over to beat, you should either give me infinite heals or rework the durability thing so that at least each try doesn’t cost me non-negligible amounts of currency and time.

100% agree! Hard games really should have something like estus flask, where your heals reset when you die. Having to grind for them is beyond boring.

Either remove this OR make the game much easier