Weapon durability penalty and healing system isn't fun

We really need estus flasks style healing and we need to get rid of this durability penalty. Or make the bosses much easier. Having the bosses hard AND this durability penalty is just not fun, simply put.

Let me fight the boss over and over without having to run back or having to grind for heals, what’s the point? It’s not fun, fighting the boss is fun, so let us just do that?


Hard agree. If I wanted to go forage and craft a bunch of food just to be able to play the game, I’d go play Breath of the Wild or Tears of the Kingdom. This type of system doesn’t belong in this type of game. There’s a reason both ARPG’s and Souls-likes have always used a potion or flask system for healing and the decision to go with a food crafting system for this game is a bit baffling.

The durability system as a “death penalty” seems to have been added simply because it’s the way death works in most modern ARPG’s. Again, it doesn’t work in a game like this, though, and there’s a reason Souls-likes don’t use it. The punishing nature of these types of games makes dying repeatedly a necessity and having both the food crafting for healing items and durability and repair systems just creates a negative feedback loop where dying repeatedly makes the game harder rather than you slowly figuring out the fight you’re losing to.

If you die too many times you can actually run out of food which means you either need to keep attempting the fight with no heals, or go forage for an hour to make more food. If you die too many times you can actually run out of money for repairs which will actually soft-lock your character since you have no money and all your gear is broken so you can’t go get more money.
Both systems just need to go.

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Perfect explanation, I hope they take these into account or at the very least make it an optional no mercy mode. Something you’d maybe try on your second play through or new game +.

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The most frustrating part of durability is the fact that I am going to die a lot. Even to lower level enemies because I haven’t played the game much. Even if the durability penalty is just 5 ticks per death, my sword is gone in 20 deaths and I suck at this game, so that is going to happen quite frequently.

I love the challenge that the game has. The difficulty isn’t my issue. But I cannot stand durability on gear that I like and want to keep. I should just be able to use it and have fun using it without the fear of it breaking and me having to spend resources to fix it.

It doesn’t incentivize me to use the things I find, because “Well I need to save my gear for a boss fight.” I quite literally bare-fisted and boxed Warrik without a single weapon or piece of clothing. Did it take forever? Yes. But at least I got to keep my gear. That is a fundamentally flawed system in my eyes.

Durability needs to be removed, or please PLEASE create a setting or difficulty mode where everything else is the same but durability is removed, that way people can still play the game with or without the system since I know some people enjoy it.

(This is my experience post-update to the durability system. I still think it needs to be optional, not mandatory.)