Do enemies respawn when using checkpoints?

I just finished watching the FGS and the Wicked sections just made me more hyped than I already was!

One thing I noticed however is that in FGS tips and tricks video for Wicked the narrator says that enemies DO NOT respawn when using a checkpoint but in the Game Informer article published a bit ago it mentions that using checkpoints DOES resurrect slain enemies? I’ve avoided gameplay streams for spoilers so I’ve not witnessed anything but official gameplay.

I’m just curious which one it is? ^^


In the gameplay demo’s I watched, they did not respawn… but I agree, in the Game Informer article they said they would. So I’m not sure if they turned it off for the demo, or if they will respawn in the version we get April 18th.


Yeah, not sure what happened with the GI cover article.

From the pre-early access streams, it’s clear that enemies do not respawn upon player death / interacting with a checkpoint.

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My guess is that after you complete an area and come back after a while, the enemy configuration will be refreshed. Or completely kill all the enemies in the area and leave the large area completely. It will be refreshed immediately after returning.


I’m hoping the Dev reasoning has nothing to do with the Alive system.

It could just be a difficulty- and/or economic-based decision.

That said, I don’t find either of those reasons compelling, especially given the consequences on encounter design (e.g., if I enter a room with 3 tough enemies and manage to kill 1 but I end-up dying to the other 2, then I’m locked out of the original difficulty experience and only get to runback to a more boring version of the encounter with 2 enemies).

Honestly, I wouldn’t mind if enemies respawned or not. On one hand I think that the difficulty is one of the main draws to this ARPG. On the other, it means that resource harvesting and exploration is a little less irritating not having to fend off multiple enemies each time you possibly perish while harvesting.

Either way, I just wanted some clarity on which one it was aha.