(Hot take) Mobs feel like they should respawn after player death (potential difficutly level/mode)

Cruficy me if you will.

This might get heat and I understand.

Pehraps some people would find it redundant or just a plain time waster.

I believe having mobs respawn after death, actually gives value to finding shortcuts (without it they just feel lackluster), gives a definite higher value to mob encounters, especially the more difficult ones and enhances the experience to have more depth, you’d actually have to plan routes and feel the feelings of dread/panic and euphroia when you fail or succeed.

To appease everyone, perhaps this could be considered as its’ own standalone mode/difficulty level or setting, thoughts?

EDIT: I feel like a complete nut here, can someone explain the fog of war system to me?

I’ve been playing for barely 3 hours, and I’ve pretty much scraped every surface and turned every stone from the beginning on the shoreline, to the very first boss, nothing has respawned, everything is empty and dead, perhaps more time has to pass?
I had the impression the respawns happen after you come back to a certain area much later in the game, inctivising players to revisit previously completed areas.

EDIT 2: DISREGARD THIS POST, there’s absolutely no need, one just has to play more, the respawns are fairly well balanced, and without going into spoilers, it’s good there’s no respawn upon death.

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Honestly I’m in 2 minds about it:

  • it’s fun to not do the same thing over and over again leading up to the choke point that gets me every time
  • how do I farm exp/loot to defeat the chokepoint?!?

I’m somewhat new, if I understand it correctly the fog rolls back in letting you farm, but that does seem to take a while so you can’t just farm the same route a bunch of times to subsequently try the boss again after leveling.

Not sure what to do, have you tried creating a new realm and see if “duo-realming” makes sense if you want to keep up good monster density every time?

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Those are some fair thoughts!

I’m not sure I understand completely. In the scneario where mobs would respawn. Shortcuts take care of most of the struggle or atleast get you to the point you’re stuck at, faster, aleviating the strain on repeating a long route over and over again.
But overcoming a “hard stop”/chokepoint eventually should be the high that keeps you going.

hm… no I really like the fog of war system. And, to me, it seems to be tuned exactly right. Mobs respawn quickly enough for the world to feel “lived in” while staying away long enough that exploring an area while dying a bunch doesn’t feel repetitive.


I am honestly confused about the respawning of everything including the fog of war but generally I am glad I don’t have to kill the same mobs over and over again because I try to balance over a branch and fall to death (damnit platforming games)
On the other hand the whole concept of a loot focused game which this obviously is, is kinda weird when you can’t efficiently farm items. I get it for brute forcing and just over leveling but rn it just feels more like souls where I choose one weapon type and try to win with it’s moveset rather than farming items with affixes and make a build. And the most efficient way of farming items seems to be waiting for chests to respawn.


Frankly, as someone who doesn’t often fool around with this genre of game, I guess I just don’t get why everyone only sees them as allowed to get harder, not easier.
For sure, it’d be neat if those who find it easy could make it harder, but at the same time, I would personally love if we could go in the opposite direction a peg or two, I would be enjoying the game a lot more if it were 1 to 3 hits less to kill enemies.
I’m still on the second tutorial phase (the second leg of the island fort, to be specific) after an hour, and I’m frankly kind of miserable, but I’m sure the game could be more fun if I wasn’t just scraping my knuckles against the concrete. I know, “git gud,” but, not everyone CAN. I love when the fights go well, but my muscle memory ain’t what it used to be, and frankly, I think even my past self would still be suffering.
And I know people would probably insult me for doing it, but I mean hey, it’d be an option. We could all make the games fun for ourselves.


I actually like the FoW system, I have the sense that they set it up so that each adventure from a town feels like a roguelike run with the random enemy placements. I’m sure fine tuning can be done, but it’s novel and helps keep the game feeling fresh


Sorry to hear your skills are starting to fade, life happens to us all…
I’m in a similar boat, but whilst I don’t want an easier game, I do see how Elden Ring fixed this significantly more elegantly: you don’t have to farm for levels, you simply go explore the open world and gain levels and gear that way. That doesn’t seem possible in NtftW, at least not before killing the first major boss.


This is a very balanced answer and I completely support the message here. As I’ve mentioned, this would only be an option. I’m still in my prime and while it may sound pretentious, I really enjoy a challenge. But it’s all personal bias of course.

Perhaps taking the direciton of giving the player the agency over the difficulty of a realm would be a great idea, not a lot of souls-likes do that. (No rest being a mix of course)

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Mobs need to respawn and they need to be easier to kill. Especially the ones in the beginning. Every fight is a battle and its just not fun. Then you kill them all and have nothing left to fight. I logged out and back in, but no mobs. I did find if you make a new realm the mobs are back but you are now in a virgin world.

Mobs respawn naturaly after some time like they come from somewhere, even bosses start to appear in different places. Respawning after death was stupid in souls games, everyone just run past them while wiping at some Boss or area and want to come back. And still this has the explanation in convoluted reality in Dark Souls so it was immersing here will be not, just my 2 cents.


I played for 5 hours yesterday and my mobs never respawned. I had to start a new realm to get new mobs. Either way, Dark Souls respawns the mobs for a reason, and I now know what the reason it. It’s because having nothing to fight is boring and game breaking. There is supposed to be some ARPG in the game, and I’ll be damed if I can find it. Maybe it is just a bug with my game, so I’m still open minded and continuing to play.

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As I’ve said, in the post myself. Same thing happened to me, everything was empty

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Did the in-game day past? Maybe it must past even more or random, once more once less and that’s a great system cause like you cannot expect so bad guys come back regularly in an Action-Role-Playing-Game, yeah Role Playing game its just suits there and give nice immersion.
This needs some tweaks but not as deep as making them spawn every time you die.