Right now you are rewarded for Dying?

Just to add some visibility to my other topic.

Right now when you die there is no punishment. You are actually rewarded for dying.,

You have 3 mobs. You kill one and die. You respawn with full health and now instead of 3 mobs you have 2 mobs. You have been rewarded!

You return to the 2 mobs and kill one more and then die. You respawn with full health and now instead of 2 mobs there is 1 mob. You have been rewarded.

You return and kill the last mob and move on. You have been rewarded by the game for dying.

At least when durability was a thing, you did at least felt something when you died. Even Durability is a poor punishment for dying though?


I totally agree with that.
The mechanic of adapting monsters in old zones once a certain level of play has been reached is excellent, but if it were coupled with the Dark Souls death mechanic it would be even better!

I’ve watched some streamers play the way you describe out of curiosity, and frankly the challenge isn’t really there.

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Yeah, agreed to that, losing gear durability was great punishment, but too harsh for newbies. If it would adapt with level (higer lever = higher damage to items) it would be way better

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To be fair I don’t mind.
It is not that I die on purpose and having to be whispered back at the beginning of the map is the best deterrent.

Now i have enough money to repair all my weapons without a second thought and the repair system would just be a chore more than fun


I see the point you are making - but during the crucible death totally felt “punishing”.

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At the very least the repair price should scale up with rarity and upgraded levels, though merely a money punishment is still not very meaningful.

How about a temporarily degrade that would last some in-game time? e.g. a -5% damage stat hit, or losing a random enchantment, based on RNG and amounts of death you have with the same weapon. And the choice to deal with that is to either wait it out, switch gear, or repair it instantly with resources (ingots or special materials that was used to upgrade or create that equipment). This will also make the repair kits and durability enchantment more valuable becuase right now they are kind of meh and a waste of space.

Obvoiusly the chances this happen needs to be low enough so players won’t get annoyed again, but knowing that each death adds up to the “degrade” chance is enough to give a sense of death consequence, maybe show a warning message about the “degrade” after a death or something.

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