More frequent and sensible checkpoints

I’m enjoying the experience so far, but one sticking point that’s become a bit tedious is re-spawning after death.

When my character dies in combat, I’m re-spawning at the beginning of the entire area (level). While the enemies I’ve felled don’t respawn, I’m still expected to run all the way through the portions of the area that I’ve already cleared before I can continue to make progress.

What would be better, is if I’m defeated in combat, I respawn a little ways out of aggro range, so I don’t have to re-run the area I’ve already cleared.

I had yet to find a Cerim Whisper when I wrote this feedback. And while I like the concept of it for saving progress, I still stand by my suggestion to respawn close to where I was defeated.

I would also like to suggest when channeling the energy of a Cerim Whisper, my character is healed.

To best prevent abuse of this, perhaps a 60 second cool-down timer for when combat takes place near a Cerim Whisper