Crucible: Checkpoints


Please add checkpoints in Crucible, it is very annoying that you always have to re-enter after death and begin from scratch.

Thank you.

Yes, i agree. I also am not a big fan of story being on hold for player to do a mandatory challenge run or thing like that.

I don’t like the idea of full on checkpoints. But i do think it is boring to go through the rooms once you learn them.

Maybe somethig like this or what other people suggested in the comments:

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It’s part of the challenge. You are in - what they are presenting - as the end-game.

If one aspect of the game should be hard, then it’s definitely the end game, so I disagree (but that’s just me)

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If this is / is supposed to be the endgame then it’s a pretty boring and annoying thing :smiley:

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