No respawning enemies in a rpg?

As a rpg lover it’s sad to see that enemies appear to not respawn especially is a game that works on the “random loot” basis. It doesn’t feel like i can progress the way i would maybe like to, do to either missing out on certain drops or maybe a grind for some xp to be able to use a desired weapon before a large encounter i dropped a rather good hammer early on but was unable to use it for the first boss and had to beat him with a stinky wooden sword because I haven’t gotten any other weapon drop and was not able to maybe farm some enemies for a better drop if you rather not have them respawn maybe add a option to the wisps thay allows me to respawn them manually if the players decides to

Ps: If enemies do respawn later in the game this feedback is void.

I believe in some earlier dev gameplay video/run-down, they said enemies will respawn in previous areas and/or new types of enemies will inhabit those zones.

When or how often this happens, I do not know.

I think it’s explained in the first minutes of the game. You can come back later to some areas (your map will fade away with time) and there will be new encounters and stuff to find.