What will co-op look like?

Just finished the Rhykker interview with Thomas Mahler and it had a lot of great information about the game and the dev design philosophy. Very exciting stuff.

It sounds like when a player creates a realm and other players are allowed in they are all treated as equal occupants of that world. It also sounds like they can run off in different directions and do their own thing. That raises a few questions, though:

  1. Will enemies scale (health? damage?) with more players on the realm? Is the scaling global (someone joins the realm and all enemies scale up), or based on some proximity so enemies only scale when another player is near enough to warrant it?
  2. Is local co-op on the roadmap at all? :crossed_fingers:
  3. The Wicked Inside event showed a Common item with a “Heal” rune skill. Does Heal, or any other Rune skills/spells, affect other players? Are there Rune skills that are multiplayer-conscious or benefit a group of players? Like a Taunt component to a Rune attack or spell, or a buff that applies to you and nearby allies?
  4. If a player joins your realm and they are much higher, or lower, level than you, how would that work? Could you still adventure together, or would it be a lopsided experience?
  5. What does multiplayer death look like? Is there a way to resurrect or revive fallen allies, or will they just immediately port back to the nearest respawn spot?

That’s all I got for now.

I’m also just gonna take this moment to say that I haven’t been this excited about an arpg since I discovered the first Diablo shortly after it came out. You guys are doing some really cool (perhaps long overdue) stuff in the genre. Keep up the great work, and best of luck to you all.

  1. Yes, enemies health and damage scale a bit based on how many players are in the area. And also, more enemies spawn based on the number of players.

  2. Not atm. I love local Co-Op, but it’s a ton of work to make this all work. Maybe in the future!

  3. Everything we do gets designed with Multiplayer in mind as well :slight_smile:

  4. We just leave that up to players. You have to be careful about who you invite into your realm, it should be the players decision.

  5. Yes, you can res your buddies.

Thank you :slight_smile: That’s why we made Wicked in the first place, cause we thought the same!


That’s :fire: .

Everything you folks share makes me more excited. Thanks again.


I really liked what Thomas Mahler said concerning Multiplayer in the Rhykker Interview.

I really hope, that they achieve to implement that philosophy into combat too, not just the town progress.

I think it is really important to have some sort of dependency on other players in a group setting. Roles like healer, tank and dps often help with that.

That being said, I am now really confident this game will deliver good teamplay after reading these answers. Appreciate the communication!

I just want to feel a difference in playing with humans compared to playing with NPC.


I also enjoy the holy trinity style of gameplay, but I acknowledge this game isn’t going to adhere to that. I really like supporting my friends in co-op pve games, and honestly there arent many options for that in modern games (outside of MMOs, lol). It will be really interesting to see what they’ve come up with.

I think having freedom to make my own choices (like contributing to the town vs upgrading my own items/whatever) is cool… I also hope there are some supportive options in combat, but I understand that they probably didn’t want to force specific roles like that. It’s obviously very complex to create systems like this, so all we can do is see what they’ve come up with and hope that it’s fun!


Yeah I don’t expect this game having a holy trinity. It is just an easy solution to a problem I have with a lot of multiplayer games. That I can’t tell the difference of playing with a human or an NPC.

In the Rhykker interview Thomas Mahler mentioned that exact problem and that got me very excited.

I really hope they can nail this part of the game as he described it.

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