Multiplayer potential

I really do think if they make changes to make classes more definitive the multiplayer in this game is gonna be so fun!

We already know that there will be friendly fire in multiplayer to try and keep things tactical and not just a smash fest. I’m really hoping they’ll add in more runes and ways to play your characters.

Things like zone control, stuns, heals, defensive spells, blinds, buffs, auras, and other team mechanics would make the experience really amazing a lot of games don’t have mechanics like this these days and I think no rest for the wicked has huge potential to take over in this field.

Gives something for a teammate to do if they don’t have room to hit an enemy if they are behind you also!

-I can imagine an aura spell like their heal aura but when you channel it your teammates in the area do more Dmg.

-Stamina boost or focus halo but you can cast on teammates.

-Casting barriers on teammates.

-Blinding enemies so they miss your teammates.

Let me know any cool team mechanics that would be great in a friendly fire multiplayer no rest for the wicked experience!


Coming from a lifelong support player, I would love to see more support/buff-focused gameplay possible with multiplayer.

Buff/heal your allies, debuff and CC enemies. Could be a lot of fun :smiley:


I feel like friendly fire can be ok but it needs some balancing.
There are so many aoe attacks both mele and ranged if they all cause friendly fire all co-op games will end with ranged combat.

Ya I’m really interested to see how it will work I know all three of the characters I have now will probably absolutely kill my own teammates with the attacks I have lol.

But I’m sure when everyone starts out as noobs it will be the most fun. at the current state of the game anyways

Friendly fire will be great, those mages AoE will really have to be planned before executing or you will kill your friends too, but you could make a toon tank with a lot of fire resistance for instance and test it out to see if he takes a lot or no damage from your mage friend, then the strategy is formed to gather the enemies around the fighter and nuke them all at once.


I also think it will be very cool to have a tank toon with his shield blocking attacks standing between the enemies and his allies. Parrying and shoulder bashing enemies.

Having a team mate use heal aura on him.

I wonder how they will scale enemy’s to counter more players tho?

More enemies?

Will they have more health and damage?

I hope the difficulty is well balanced for more players

I don’t like multiplayer games because I have no friends :cold_face:. I prefer NPC teammates in CRPG, rather than the idiot who is online with me. I need to take care of his/her emotions and game experience, but he/she cannot do what I want him/her to do.

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Lol sucks to not have any friends I guess

Join a guild
I imagine those would happen once MP launches

Each city has a guild house and we get guild quests (rebranded daily bounties and challenges) that scale the difficulty based on the town you are in

Greate difficulty = greater rewards

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That sounds cool. Is there actually already a guild house in town?

No, not that I have seen.
I imagine that is / may be something that is coming.
Seems like a must have for MP