Will there be couch co-op?

To my knowledge this specific topic has been widely un-asked. Will there be couch co-op? And if so, how would that work?

To me the online co-op is a simple idea to understand with the information that we’ve seen so far, but considering that this game is coming out on home consoles, how would couch co-op function? Would each player select their own Cerim in the title screen? Would realms be locked to specifically either local or online co-op modes? Would it play as split-screen if you two were too far away from each other? Would the camera keep both players in view if you’re in close proximity or fighting bosses? Etc?

It’s just funny to me that I’m having more trouble picturing in my head how couch co-op would function compared to online co-op. Any info on this topic would be great to know!

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The last official statements I saw provided on couch co-op were the following:

The first major update, as part of our Early Access roadmap, will introduce online multiplayer to the game, but we’re not currently planning to include any local multiplayer modes.

Early Access is where we collaborate with the community. If this feature is highly requested, we would definitely consider it :slight_smile:

However, there was also a tweet from Thomas on the subject that touched on the challenges of implementing local co-op for a game like Wicked, so it probably comes down to whether they feel they can successfully tackle those or not.