Very concerned about multiplayer with realms for this game!

Since this game seems to be all about the character building I am very much concerned about the fact that I had to create a realm from the get go, before creating a character even. Because this would have the game lean towards a system where every realm has different characters and that when you want to play with friends you need to create a realm with them and level a new character on that realm. And if you want to play with different friends, you’ld need another realm and thus another character. And for playing solo, another realm. So with more than 3 friends to play with and maybe a solo thing you’ld have 3 characters already. If you have no friends to play it with you now have the same issue for if you’ld want to play with other people you meet on for example discord.

This to me is problematic for a game heavily relying on character building and with systems that lean on an ever changing world, as you are effectively creating that world with your character and the character and having to create a new one for every stupid reason makes every character more of nuisance.

If the realm system would be that of one where your same/main character can connect to different realms on invitation and do its thing there, then that would be somewhat fine-ish. But then again, is there a way where you can enter a hub like your own house?

I am not a big fan of this system in a game like this as it would downplay the relationship with ANY character. Thus I am hoping it will lean much more towards a Destiny like system where it’s really easy to create “fireteams” where the squad leader determines the active realm, in which the party members can freely join (and realms in this case would be instances of the game). I even like that you can see more players in hubs than just the team (which could be if hubs are made that run cross realm) and I like it’s easy to have just anyone join your team/realm/coop instead of being bound by who already has a char on a given realm or not.

It would be great to get more information about this aspect as for me, I heavily enjoy the multiplayer aspect of any game, it’s very incredibly important. As this will determine if the game is enjoyable with others or if it will be a bother.

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I agree and feel similarly about multiplayer/coop, since for me that’s what makes an ARPG endlessly replayable (or at least past 60 hours). You raise good concerns and I’m also curious how this will be addressed, as I have a number of friends I’d like to play this with.

You can bring your character to any realm with everything they have. Not sure I understand the issue.


You can bring your character anywhere; realm it seems to be to lock where the story progression is. Probably will have some housing mechanics as well, since there are only a few.

Has anyone tried to create a new character and shared a realm with your other character?

I can’t seem to edit my starting post, but to everyone with the same worries: it is said that they DO NOT plan to lock realms for now. So good news.

Will there be LAN play ? I doubt so in 2024 but we may hope… Torchlight 2 had !

If i buy one copy of the game, can i play with one other friend or do we need to buy 2 copies ?

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True! LAN play is important, if LAN play are avaliable, maybe Steam Family Sharing could make a copy to your friend, so you can play together with the same copy