Weapon, Whispers, Inventory, and other ideas for improvement

Firstly, to the Moon Studio developers, thank you!

You have revitalized my passion for gaming with the Ori series and I was over the moon (pun intended) when I heard that an ARPG game was released (Early Access release). Love the game so far and I have some ideas I’d love to share regarding the weapon system and other QOL improvements.

  1. Weapon fragment system:

Enemies have a chance to drop weapon fragments that you can use to craft/repair/upgrade gear. Can make weapons like bows easier to obtain (in my experience anyway) and gives even more of a reason to hunt down enemies.

  1. Whisper update:

By upgrading the whisper in Sacrament, you can unlock secrets you never knew existed. Whether it’s adding another whisper as a fast travel option (2 instead of 1), teleporting you to a small, isolated area where you can farm materials (once daily to prevent abuse), or even allowing you store items temporarily (early game) / teleport items into a special chest at home (late game). Special enemies may drop “elements of whispers” needed to craft such a chest :wink:

  1. Inventory:

Weapons should absolutely remain as they are in inventory…raw materials however tend to take up space quite quickly (I’ve only had issues with raw materials). While not game breaking since you can opt to expand raw material inventory with Ichor quite early on…please consider increasing the amount you can carry before it makes a new stack…say from 20 to 30. Cooked food can be left unchanged in my opinion…or even decrease the amount of cooked food items in a stack to retain inventory management as a skill to develop.

  1. QOL/Other:
  • Index for easier access to more detailed information if applicable.
  • Section in settings for tutorial information you received upon first playthrough (I accidentally skipped the poise defense one).
  • Some dialogue seems to play automatically while others/most need manual input…option for all auto or all manual input would be a welcome sight.
  • Consider allowing 4 points per level but cap the investment of an attribute to 3 points. I feel it would smooth the transition to the Darok quest / Meeting Madrigal Selene quest as those areas seem to be way higher of a level than previous areas. Or consider adding another dungeon to the early game areas (Like the Iona Flower cave) to help with leveling.

These are all just my thoughts and opinions from what I have played so far that I haven’t seen on this forum already. I try to avoid gameplay videos / hints videos so that I can enjoy every aspect of this beautiful game for the first time. Naturally if some of these ideas are present in the later game…ignore them.