Weapon System Overhaul-Mastery & Charms

1. Weapon Mastery
2. Leveling Proficiencies
3. Charm Slots and Weapon Tiers
4. Charms

As a Cerim, you are a harbringer of death. Weapons are more than just tools for Cerims, they are an extension of their powers. Weapon Mastery is essential to channel their Ancient knowledge of Cerim Battle Arts.

1. Weapon Mastery

Weapons requirement are now tied to Proficiency Level instead of Attributes. Weapon Proficiency is divided by weapon types. There are 6 weapon types. Dual Wield, One Handed, Two Handed, Ranged, Offhand, and Magic. Every Weapon Proficiency start at Lvl 1.

Each Martial Weapon has 2 [stats] that scale with either Strength or Dexterity attributes. Magic and Magic Weapons [stats] increase with Inteligence or Faith attributes.

Dual Wielding Proficiency
-Fists [+atk dmg/+stagger] [+atk spd/+focus gain]
-Double Daggers [+atk spd/+atk range]

One Handed Proficiency
-Axe [+atk dmg/+atk range] <STR+DEX>
-Club [+stagger/+knockback]
-Hammer [+knockback/+atk dmg]
-Katana [+atk spd/+atk range]
-Knife [+crit dmg%/+crit chance%]
-Mace [+stagger/+atk dmg]
-Rapier [+crit dmg%/+atk spd]
-Spear [+crit chance%/+atk range]
-Swords(Straight & Curved) [+atk dmg/+atk spd] <STR+DEX>

Two Handed Proficiency
-Great Axe [+atk dmg/+atk range] <STR+DEX>
-Great Club [+stagger/+knockback]
-Great Hammer [+atk dmg/+knockback]
-Great Sword (Straight & Curved) [+atk dmg/+stagger]
-Halberd [+stagger/+atk spd] <STR+DEX>
-Scythe [+atk spd/+atk range]

Ranged Proficiency
-Bows [+atk spd/-stamina cost]
-Staves* [+elem dmg/+AoE]

Offhand Proficiency
-Amulets** [+plague dmg/+buff time]

Magic Proficiency
-Fire [+fire dmg/+Burn DoT]
-Ice [+ice dmg/+dmg to frozen]
-Electric [+elec dmg/+dmg to stunned]
-Plague [+plague dmg/+ plague DoT]
-Heal [+heal/+HoT]
-Enhancements [+time/+effect %]

*Staves will no longer have a physical attack. Instead it would be replaced with a low damage, high focus gain Magic missile which costs stamina.

**Amulets will be an off hand that acts as a magic shield, with no poise and low armor, but high elemental resistance. It will not be able to Parry, but it can equip a limited selection of Runes, as well a gems.

2. Leveling Proficiencies

Each Weapon Type will have a Proficiency Level which can be increased as you kill enemies with weapons from that weapon type. Each Expertise has 5 tiers:

Tier 1 Apprentice <Lvls 1-5>
-Can equip Apprentice Weapons (Can’t have Charm Slots)

Tier 2 Adept <Lvls 6-10> (1 Ichor+Challenge)
-Can equip Adept Weapons (Can have up to 1 Charm Slots of the weapon type)

Tier 3 Expert <Lvls 11-15> (2 Ichor+Challenge)
-Can equip Expert Weapons (Can have up to 1-2 Charm Slots of the weapon type)

Tier 4 Master <Lvls 16-19> (3 Ichor+Challenge)
-Can equip Master Weapons (Can have up to 2 Charm Slots of the weapon type and 1 Universal Charm Slot)

Tier 5 Ascended (TBD)
-Can equip God/Demon Weapons - (Has 3 Universal Charm Slots)

~When a Tier is fully leveled, you will reach a bottleneck. To unlock the next tier, visit the new Weapon Mastery Menu from and Cerim Whisper. There you will be able to use to use Ichor to unlock a challenge that will allow you to reach the next tier once completed. Ichor has to be paid just once to unlock Challenge. Challenge is repeatable until completed.

3. Charm Slots and Weapon Tiers

Charm Slots can now be added by the Blacksmith to gear depending on the weapon tier. Armor/Shield/Offhand can only equip Weapon Tiers are the same as Weapon Upgrade Levels from the Blacksmith. Currently the Blacksmith can only upgrade to Lvl 3.

Only 1 Charm Slot can be added to Shields/Offhands/Armor after upgrading it to Tier 2.

4. Charms

Charms can be purchased with Ichor from the Charm Menu found on every Cerim Whisper. Charms can only be equiped to a corresponding Charm Slot of the same type.

Unique Charms can only be dropped by bosses. This Ultra Rare Charms will be more powerful than the ones found on the Charms Menu, and can have Attribute or Proficiency requirements to equip.

Weapon and Shield charms become active only while weapon/Shield is in use

Charm Types:
-Weapon Type Charms
-Armor Charms
-Shield Charms
-Ability Charm

Charm Examples:

Gain 10% chance to deflect physical damage

Arrows have a 30% chance to ricochet and hit another nearby enemy for 50% dmg

Brute Strength
Can Equip as One Handed Weapon

Meteor Smash <Two Handed lvl 15><Magic lvl 10>
When performing a Slam Power Attack or drop attack, create an explosion that deals fire damage in a 5yd radius and sets the ground ablaze for 5 seconds. Enemies that cross the blazing ground will receive the Burn effect.

Shield Bash
Shield Bash an enemy while its attacking to cause interrupt (Double Tap Block Button to activate. Can be used as Combo Linker*.)

Expert Dodge
Increase Invulnerability windows on Dodge

Captains Throw
Throw Rune now cost double focus. Thrown weapon bounces between 3 enemies before returning. 2nd hit=60% dmg, 3rd hit=30% dmg

Shadow Sneak
Become invisible while sneaking, making you harder to detect by enemies

Echo Trample [Unique]
(Requires One Handed Lvl Max)
Summon Echo Steed and trample every enemy in a straight line for 10 yds pushing enemies back. Enemies slammed into a wall or obstacle with Echo Trample take an additional 20% dmg.


I believe with this system, along with Combo Links will allow more diverse and unique builds. I am loving this game, but certain aspects don’t quite fit. Making a pure strength build should yield more physical damage and little elemental damage. I’m not a fan of adding Fire Throw to a Great Sword, and suddenly all physical damage turns to elemental. It breaks the game. Believe me, that was my very first build. But after 160+ hours and many builds later, I’m left wanting to build a Jack of All Trades-Master of None, where I can combine all different types of ability that can face Echo Knight and not make me piss my pants.

Combo Linking - Combo Linking System