Very Big Topic. Part 2. The game needs improvement

Part 1: Big topic. Part 1. "What the game lacks, what needs to be finalized, improved." Positive moments in brief:)

This Part 2 topic is dedicated to necessary changes to the game
(20+ positions). It covers logic positions, even touches on game balance in small executions, minor bugs. This topic is 5+ times larger than the previous one. This topic is not aimed at big new ideas or big mistakes. I see that some of these ideas have already been proposed.
But I go through the game gradually and try to pay attention to the details of the game as often as possible, I don’t copy other people’s ideas. As the game progresses, I collect all the details that seem strange, incorrect, and sometimes not entirely logical to me, so that you can improve them and make them more understandable.
There are incorrect and there are controversial points. About especially controversial moments will be another topic. Also at the end of this topic will be a continuation of the positive aspects of the game.

Part 2. Shore. Until Boss Warrick.

1. I don’t see the ability to move the map with the mouse buttons by holding down the left or right mouse button. Currently this movement is done only using the WASD keyboard buttons and you can only zoom in/out using the mouse scroll wheel.

2. These 2 recipes give the same amount - 35 Health. But they are different recipes! They use only one plant the same - Artemisia herb, and the other plant they have is different!
I think need to rework their cost (maybe one recipe will cost more, but also give a little more) and what they give to make it different!
Change and complicate the recipes of dishes, increasing the value in plants.

3. Adjust the values ​​throughout to:
1 (resource value required smaller number) / 5 (your quantity. larger number), change colors.
Example: 1/5, where 1 is green and 5 is red or other colors.
1/5 means you only have 5 units of the resource, but you only use one unit to create x1.
It is common to state how much is needed to create first, and then the value of the total large amount, rather than the other way around. What’s in the game now is confusing.

4. The same item with different durability is valued the same when sold. This does not seem logical.

5. Why isn’t there a default door marker?
Whisper and fire source markers are on the map by default. Do I really have to put a marker on these doors as secondary doors myself:…?
Why then suggest putting markers that are already on the map?

6. I noticed that cutting down a tree requires 6 units axe durability.
But if the durability of the axe is less than 6 units (for example, 2 units), then the tree will not be cut and you will not receive any resources at all.
I saw that this has already been written about. From a position of realistically you might not add it, but from a position of convenience maybe still give the option to cut down a tree at a lower amount of durability and then the axe breaks?
This applies to other items as well.

7. Character level is not shown on the top left of the screen.
You see it only when you press TAB and select the first of 5 tabs (except settings and exit to menu) and you see it in the menu itself.
If you think it’s in the way, you can make the number lvl near the character icon not very prominent.

8. How do I turn off my health bar that is next to you? I disabled everything so it doesn’t show up in the settings. But it didn’t helped. Add more HUD settings to hide the WHOLE screen or parts of the small health and stamina bars.

9. Add a new tab with the “ALL ITEMS” icon, where they will go in order.
Constantly switching tabs for weapons, recipes, etc. is not very convenient.

10. A tree falling cannot crush you.
You won’t get close enough for it to fall on you!
Is it possible to make it fall slower, in general, so that there is a chance, the tree will fall in your direction or you go the wrong way will a tree fall in a random direction and cause damage:)?

11. Strength, Intelligence and Faith characteristics are not displayed when improving characteristics.
I need to see how much these values change for my weapon, character and what detailed significance they provide. Why do I have to click on the next tab every time trying to figure out how much I’m getting?
This screen needs improvements.

12. Why can’t individual weapons be repaired at the blacksmith:? I want to choose what to fix, not rearrange it every time or not all in a row! The screen needs some work.

13. The first time a whisper is activated, the checkpoint (save) is activated. On repeated activations, if it is nearby, it does not restore health. But if you die, you will be resurrected at this point with full health.
Is it possible to make it possible to activate the whisper to replenish health or is it considered unfair abuz-mechanics?

14. A place where you can’t get mushrooms. When I returned, I was able to get the mushroom. That’s weird!

10 Poise Defense is that a lot or not enough?
Why isn’t it written what extra damage grease does:?
Why should I be guided only by feelings if I want to see the numbers in more detail!
The game needs in-game bestiary, wiki.

17. When you drink a potion, an icon is shown at the top left of the screen. It is possible to introduce near the small icon the possibility of describing the effects, at least when hovering the mouse cursor? (during the pause would also be very informative)
You can also do it during the battle, moving the icon to the left and give information so that it does not block the screen.

18. Is it possible to make that on the boss weapons, equipment do not break when losing:?

19. Why are there places on the map that you can’t look inside?
Let’s take two places.
Initially, this place appears closed from the direction we are looking at.

And this place provides interest, and you can’t peek at what’s in there.

20. I don’t quite understand such places where you can walk sideways. There are places where it’s really necessary and then there are such useless places. Is it for fun? The game suggests walking sideways everywhere where possible.
I imagine the future idea of cataclysms in the game, where you will need to hide, maybe it will be in PvP mode. And so these places are useless and uninteresting, just for beauty, but there is no sense from them…

Positive aspects of the game (continued):

1. It’s good that there is a language option, you can change it at any time. This makes it easy to play in one language, change languages, quickly take screenshots in English, and switch back.
You did the right thing to make it possible to change the language in the game menu (not all games have this). Also, to change the language, you do not have to go to the game menu and then enter the world again. This is doubly convenient.

2. Fish fell out of a broken barrel. Fun. Liked it:)
It is clear that in reality there would be more than one fish there, but the moment liked:)

3. It is highlighted periodically that the ladder can be discounted (from the other side)

4. It’s good that the character’s level doesn’t decrease with multiple deaths.

5. Once you gain a level, you regain full health.

6. Secret passages that aren’t illuminated and you’ll have to find them yourself.