Big topic. Part 1. "What the game lacks, what needs to be finalized, improved." Positive moments in brief:)

This is a big topic where as I go through the game I include those questions that are missing from the game; which may seem strange.
I try to go through the game at a slow pace, playing with both controller and mouse to enjoy the game more and give you great feedback on what’s missing. I will try to keep the questions from repeating from topic to topic.
My current topic and its continuations will include:

  • improvements for gameplay;
  • what the game is lacking in current provisions;
  • small ideas;

It will be dedicated to going through some part of the game and picking up on the details that are missing that I feel need add to the game (improve the current mechanics). Some of the improvements may not be posted by me, if I see topics on Twitter that you already know about and are working on or I will explain how important they are.
I’ll also share the positive aspects of the game briefly at the bottom of the topic.
I apologize in advance for translation inaccuracies, as I may be playing in another language. Don’t mind me. You’ll see what I mean.
Such continuations of the these topics will not include new big ideas, game bugs, localization bugs.

Part 1. Dedicated to the prologue and the appearance on the shore.
What’s missing from the game:

1. Add some new types of female hairstyles “Two braids” and an option to change the eyebrow type.
This is something I didn’t see in the game.

2. Add body build selection (skinny/thin). Human height (tall/low). Breast size (for a female character, if possible).
When you create a character, it will say “Body build choices”.
You can choose one of 6 facial expressions (male/female), but not the build.

3. Add “Default” buttons in the Graphics and Control settings.
I’m sure there will be more settings in the future, but a default reset is needed.

4. The ship had a loading screen when going on deck (black screen) that lasted 5 seconds.
I wonder if there are a lot of them in the game? If so, I suggest reducing their time in the long run.

5. Change the keyboard layout. Pause. Graphics.

I saw that you are already working on this, but my point is this:
Top video card owners will let you know which way to go with adding dlss and other cool features, what they’re waiting for.
I use cloud gameplay and I won’t touch on this topic much, but in general I want to say that the game really needs more clarity (четкости), optimization to make it look even better and prettier in the future. Thanks.

Pausing the game is really necessary because you can be fighting an enemy and then the phone rings or you get distracted and you know there’s a pause. Without it, there will be death.
You know there’s a pause, you press one button and you pause the game.
You can pause, on TAB (for keyboard) or START (for gamepad) by default or so you can change the key in the game settings.

We need to change the keyboard layout so we can place buttons on anything, including changing the mouse side buttons.
Anything that can be changed - map view, parry, strike, gear - you need the ability to change the buttons to the ones you need for all of that.
You want to change the controller buttons too.
Different players are used to different buttons.

Good points about the game for me: :smiling_face:

  • No crashes
  • Press the spacebar button to skip a conversation (it’s good that you can’t skip just by pressing the button and it’s good that there’s no permanent inscription that takes a long time to disappear and gets in the way, as it happens in other games)
  • Music in the menu is good
  • Good that there are confirmations for deleting the world and character.
    -Can use any controller (even a simple cheap gamepad is suitable for the game), thank you
  • Different emotions (laughter, smiling and waving) and ship battles liked it.