Things to improve after 13h of playtime


I am 13h in. I really love the graphics of the game. Other than that playing really feels like a chore. I don’t find it fun in particular. Here are things that I personally dislike. Perhaps other players feel the same way.

  • Leveling up is too slow
  • 3 stats per level is too little. 5 would feel much better. I am level 8, and I dont really feel any stronger than when I was at lvl 1… Especially that you have to spend a lot of points on stamina and equip load.
  • Stamin bar is too low by default
  • Equip load is too low by default
  • Focus fills up too slowly
  • It feels bad when dodge shares stamina bar with weapon attacks
  • Crafting food to heal is tedious. Please give us flasks that refill when we touch whispers or make all mushroom and herbs give us 5-10 mushroom/herb pieces per node so we can stack up on them very quickly.
  • Let us teleport to all whispers…
  • Let whispers heal us
  • Keyboard & mouse controls are unplayable - the character moves/swings weapon towards mouse pointer even when using WSAD to move. I can’t count how many times I moved or attacked in the wrong direction and died because of it. I don’t feel like I have much control over where my character moves.
  • Please add custom keybinds option so we can set keys as we like them
  • Enemies have too much hp and deal too much damage early on. Make enemies weaker or give players more starting HP, Stamina & equip load.
  • Add more basic equipment to vendors like daggers, other type of swords, hammers, etc. So we can choose what we want to play. The RNG is too much with the loot.
  • Remove the negative effects from enchanted items. They are very annoying. I spent 1hour looking for and enchanting dual-wielding daggers. Had to find 4 pairs and only the 4th one had decent stats/no negative stat after enchanting.
  • Please remove durability from items. I died 38782378273 times, and many times I ran out of money for repair and had 0 equipment to use because all were broken. It makes no sense to have durability in a game where we are supposed to die many times. It makes the game unfun.
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