The only consequence of death should be lost time

I’m really enjoying this game – the combat is fun and feels good, it looks amazing and so far I like just exploring. That said, some of the best games I’ve played have been challenging while not discouraging. Celeste is a great example of this. You die, and all there is to do is try again.

I want to be able to throw myself at hard fights or dangerous exploration over and over without being punished by tedious mechanics like gold or XP loss. I have enough tasks in real life to keep me from playing the game. Please consider not punishing the player for death. Encourage them to keep trying and remove the penalties entirely.


Fair enough that this works for Celeste, but that’s a different game.

I think there is something to be said for the following- the combat in this game is unforgiving, and meant to be approached thoughtfully. Zero death penalty tacitly encourages sloppier play.

The death penalty in this game is pretty benign - losing 10% gear durability really isn’t that bad - fast travel back to town is easy, and repair comes pretty cheap. So its just enough to encourage you to try NOT to die all over the place - IMO that’s about where it should be.

There are items that give cost benefit on this - e.g. more XP, but you lose your XP if you die. By default, though, you only lose gear durability (as far as I can tell)

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