Death balancement is to much Dark Souls, To punishing, & my other takes

Did not expect to give feedback this early in the game, but there was something that put my motivation in the negative for continueing to play quite heavely, so i wanted to talk about it.

The game play was exciting and challenging, it tried to absorb me into the world quite well, as combat and chalenge rating it feels like yes its a new style you need to learn practice and master and getting used it to become good into it, but i also experienced some aftermath which made my experience a bit sour to continue straight away

Here some cons that i experienced that aboslutely need some attention:

Let me start that i dont mind the stamina and poise system, i actually enjoy it. think its a good system one can master over time

  • Death Experience VS Challenges is horrible
    on this matter i dont mind retrying and learning the said challenge how to deal with it
    How ever big yikes when i noticed what happand to my resources,
    in my opinion, resources are a mandatory requirement for said challenges. however if am gonna have to use 70% of my resources in my learning trial in order to die at boss 10% hp. I now have even a more difficult battle in my hands the next time. I have no leeway of learnign this boss.
    Since resources deplete after a boss trial, and even worse dont even respawn on the map. This is a afterkick in the mud after you already had a lost fight when you just came home.

I say resources is a requirement because fighting naked all the time with barehands is really a dark souls way, however as far i’ve gathered your not a dark soal orientated way, but a aRPG way. so even people with more skill issue should with more preperation time and game hour time, find more comfort dealing with challenging content without being punished for taking those preperation and trying to learn the game.

This should not be a game where if u cant meet the challenge difficulty criterea, u just have to play the game all over again in order to have a fair chance

  • Make some food resource respawnable so u can recollect some health, just pushing your self with constant death is gonna be the issue otherwise but thats also not a certain fun way of playing the game.
    Yes skill issues can be a thing, but do you want to punish those people harshly for it? or do you want them to give a chance to resuplly up and enjoy the game on a different phase.

Other stuff i’ve noticed
i am running on low graphics systems, i had to lower settings a bit and it was managable playable with a few quirks and my system running on 80-90% at

  • Balancement parkous on increased hights
    I feel like there should be an option to press something like ctrl, and not be able to fall off but have considerable slower movement speed. (also cuz somethimes keyboard refused certain 3 or more key input the same time, and movement can require 2 already)
    Speaking from PC experience cuz asdw is clunky at times and instant punishment on a quite currently heavy death punishment system is something thats gonna make alot people lose their motivation.
    realistic is nice ofcourse but should avoid things become cumbersome and double punishing

-Small stuff:

  • Objects to light,barrels and others they fly around if u touch them slightly
  • Escape > quit game (saves current data to last ress point)
  • System controls can slow responsive, overstacking commands doing 1 or 2 dodge rolls, attacks to many. not sure if thats to do with my slower system end

*Some extra edited:

  • Woman have Male body types, way to muscle, and head is light tinted while body is suddenly greyed out
  • (someone else experience) Boss fell off a cliff, cannot loot
  • Weird camera angles makes it hard to traverse, but its generaly not worth it cuz repair is to expensive (make common loot cheap to repair, higher rarity can be high cost)
  • Natural slow health regen
  • I think even more fair to actually give full health on save points, making the game more reasonable and gives enough option to balance out
  • Respawn able monsters/ food, can give reduced rarity drop rate from original, but good for mats.
  • Create Exit game in esc Menu and save concurrent data but respawn at last spawn point/ load point

I lowered blur motion to 0, 75% sharpness, and lowered the resolution by 1 then max.
Graphics 1060 runs at 80-90%(doubt i can run this in the summer) (also some music flickering cuz overflow, especialy after new loads)
12 GB Ram, Not recommended but passable, using at max 11,4 GB of pc total 9 GB max was minimum) no other processes on except windows & Steam
Processor 8 core 4 GhZ AMD 8350, felt passable but had to work 50-80% Usage
still on HDD was regretable, slow loads, and not sure if the stuttering came from that, likely. SDD minimum recomandable. but not extremely unplayable.

Constant falling with the poor camera angles and gear durability/price to fix are my biggest gripes outside of the poor performance which they are probably working on. The gear durability makes it so i do not want to attempt to fight the enemies or try exploring as falling will cost way more then i can afford.