My first round of feedback! As a veteran of Diablo and Dark Souls

Fantastic Game performance issues aside.

The fact that this is in EA is a double edged sword. Because this is essentially a rage game Souls-like at its core, feedback needs to be taken with a grain of salt. This is not even remotely close to a Diablo-like game in any other sense than itemization (Which is great!).

Remember, angry people always want ways to make things easier especially when the challenges are mechanical in nature.

Tediousness of activities is the most important area of feedback. More fighting, less roadblocks. There are tons of feedback reviews already that address these concerns but I’ll give my 2 cents.

Durability, I’m on the fence. Lies of P has the best implementation of this but it was incredibly specific to that game’s world building. It’s nice to get a break and go back to town if you’ve slammed your face against a boss 50 times but it just feels bad in the current implementation. Perhaps make it be additive instead of negative. For example, Base damage always stays the same at 0 durability, if the weapon is at a 100 it can have a small but noticeable bonus that degrades with use.

Resource gathering. Probably should just be a hit with any weapon and the resource explodes and you simply collect it. That way you can practically get it in the middle of combat because of natural environmental destruction.

Stamina, I haven’t tried the newest change released today but I’m not sure this was necessary. The obvious solution to stamina issues is to pump points into stamina. I guess if everyone else is having a problem, I’m in the minority. I currently run an almost naked character with a claymore and that was my choice. Super fun.

I guess to sum up, I’m genuinely worried that the ARPG community, of which I have been a part of since the original Diablo, will poison the well.

You’re asking an audience of people who click one button to wipe screens of enemies to give feedback on a game that is actually hard mechanically.

When it comes to loot systems ARPG andy knows what he’s talking about. They did an amazing job helping shape Last Epoch.

When it comes to combat, Dark Souls nerds are unparalleled. They’ve played these games for so long, they know what feels fair and what doesn’t.

Make sure you assess WHO is giving you the feedback before you take it to heart. This game by it’s very nature will be controversial so I don’t see a smooth path to release in EA.

With that said, if you keep to your principles, this may well be one of the greatest games of all time, especially if you manage a continuous endgame with seasonal updates.


All of this, 100%. I am currently in love with this game, and though changes will come, and should, make sure it’s still yours in the end.

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There are some things I think could be a bit more user-friendly, like having a separate tab in the inventory for food ingredients and placing the stamina bar in the upper left corner.

However, I hope that the combat won’t change too much, as it’s my favorite part of the game.

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I just noticed; one thing I’ll disagree about is resource gathering. I pretty much like it the way it is. I suppose you could half the time or something, but I like the departure from the combat. This game has a number of systems.

There’s a light civ sub-game, with upgrading buildings and the customizable homesteads. Because this is usually what instigates resource gathering, I think the time it takes to resource gather is just fine.

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Agreed! A lot of menu work is needed along with sort and inventory management.

Yea I actually did some gathering this morning to upgrade the town! It was pretty fun, I’ll reserve my judgement on this until Ive finished the main story.

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i just registered to came more or less the same thing. I barely use social media, and it just exploded with “classic POE syndrome”.
@devs: please ignore; your game is already a breath of fresh air. to anyone who wants every other ARPG: just go play all the other 50 ARPGs.
when i was younger, i read a collection of Murpy-like laws, and two of them apply to modern day very well:

  1. when peoiple have the freedom to chose, they will end up imitating each other.
  2. design a system that even an idiot can use, and only idiots will choose to use it.

Aside polishing and quality of life aspects, performance etc. Please keep the game as it is.
I took 2 hours to pass the first fights, and then I found the blacksmith. I did not watch any streamer or reddits, i wanted to expreience the game through my own eyes and the reward was exactly as described by Thomas in his interview with Rhykker.