Follow your vision! (Counter Feedback)

Many of the points here are about smoothing out the challenge from this game. Personally I completely disagree. The pressure of gear breaking and running out of food make the game better not worse for me, it makes it worthwhile to spend time in the world. Its okay if the game demands some patience of exploring and stocking up and not just beelining forward.

If something needs to be changed, I would put “story mode” difficulty instead of changing the core systems. Most people seem to be so used to having infinite tries with infinite resources from souls games that they are just resisting the idea of different resource management in games.

And I have to say that most of the monsters can simply be defeated by walking backwards until they have that long gap in their hit chain and then u give back a swing or two, so the difficulty is not exactly ground shattering if u just take ur time. Its only hard when u try to be FASTER than ur skill allows.

There is a lot of l2p issues in the feedback people are giving, especially in discord chat, and catering to these people with 1 difficulty option, would demolish the experience for those who are playing the game just fine as is. So again, with this note in mind, if something needs to radically change, I recommend just adding “story mode” difficulty instead.


We don’t want the game to be easier.

We want the game to not be a pain in the ass to play.

Make the gameplay as hard as possible, but remove the garbage mechanics