Create Difficulty Levels for All Players

As you can see by the reviews there is a lot of complaining from players that just want to speed run your game and don’t like repairing their gear or harvesting resources. They just want to learn AI mechanics rush through the game and move on to another game to look good where the rest of us see the love and attention to detail and why you wanted to create the ARPG experience you always wanted over 7 years and we LOVE it and respect and value your attention to detail and breaking the walls down of what a truly immersive experience can be adding a ton of value and replay ability for years to come.

I personally think in was a mistake sponsoring Diablo players that look at a website for META build and just click buttons without thinking BUT if you want to increase the Positive Steam Reviews then create DIFFICULTY LEVELS like Easy, Normal, Hard and Brutal.

Easy - Parry time increase to remove a lot of skill
Need 1 resource for most Foods. 1 Crap Leg and you can Cook it.
Dying costs you nothing. No Gear Damage and no Focus
Enemies are less or use way less Explosives and Throwables
Whatever you can think of and just no think button clicking.

Normal - The experience you are catering to all the complaints.
I can literally feel the game getting easier so this is your choice.

Hard - What you wanted it to be. I know you wanted a True Immersive
Experience where skill comes over time learning every enemy and
mastering your crafting and upgrading of weapons, skills with tons
of replay ability and dying must cost you what it did at the start of the
game. Your Dream for the Game you had in mind and the True No
Rest for The Wicked Fan like me that loves everything except the
food and that guy with the long stick lol.

Brutal - Parry time decrease from normal.
Make food take some work like everything else
Dying costs you 30 % of your great durability
Like 20 Bronze at start increasing as you progress and you can go
into Debt. You can even include loss of experience as well
Enemies are Brutal and maybe increase the numbers.

Thank you very much for making the experience you have always wanted
and I hope this helps you to attract more players and let them stop crying ; ]


You know what souls-like means? :slight_smile:

I disagree with adding difficulties as that would ruin the random outcomes and element of surprise.

it would be funny though if they added a “game journalist” difficulty setting though lol

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I actually like the idea. maybe a whole menu: one slider for enemy damage, one for recipe requirements one for durability loss, etc with a presets selection of easy normale, hard, burtal and custom.
a couple of games do this, but i think it should’ve been a standard by now… because as you get better at the game you can also increase the difficulty, or some aspects of difficulty. because the only one that knows your comfort levels are you yourself… :wink:

Fair enough, but you have to understand that having less options “sometimes” adds a different feeling/vibe to a game. Take Project Zomboid as an example.

nah i prefer the game to be how it is intended and everyone can play around it. i might suck at parrying but i can still outlevel enemies and hack away at them.