Feedback after beat the 2nd Boss (about 25hours + MSQ done)

I believe I’ve reached the current stage of progression, prompting me to write this review and offer some suggestions. I’ve put in 25 hours so far.

While I did obtain a Yellow Tier weapon, it’s not my preferred choice.

There are aspects of the game that I quite enjoy.

  1. Difficulty: This game is much easier compared to Souls-like games. However, the movement restrictions definitely need some adjustments. At the beginning, it’s quite challenging and the stun lock lasts for a long time. As you level up and improve your stats, the severity of the movement restrictions decreases significantly.

  2. Character progression: This aspect is well done overall. However, as I mentioned earlier, the game starts off too hard. This complaint seems to be echoed across forums by the majority of players.

The difficulty tied to character progression needs significant improvement, especially in this genre. Putting points into stamina and equip load causes the game’s difficulty to drop drastically.

  1. Map and level design: I really appreciate the non-guided design of the map, without any yellow paint to direct the way. It encourages exploration by allowing you to attempt to reach places you shouldn’t be and fall off the map.

There are some things I have no idea why they’ve been designed this way.

  1. Time-gated upgrades and refinements. I don’t understand the purpose behind this design. However, after finishing a Level 3 facility upgrade, I can only assume that the developers lacked the confidence to make it a 4-hour wait for an upgrade due to no more content afterward.

Also refine each upgrade materials take times, why?
Unless this game is traget toward gacha mobile game, or The in-game shop offers convenience to alleviate these inconveniences. I hope this isn’t the case for this game.

For played 25 hours which is the only thing I puzzled.
Apart from that, I believe all can be improved over time.

There are some suggestions.

  1. Durability. Personally, I am fine with durability. However, I do think nowadays players hate being punished. If Moon Studios’ devs could implement a system like Monster Hunter’s sharpness mechanic instead of durability, rewarding players for taking care of their equipment, it could make this situation completely different.
    Also when durability drop to zero break your weapon that you farm so hard to get, this does feel no respect of players time.
    And this only lead to this to be the top Tier to get.

    Therefore, isn’t a decent design to agree with.

  2. Can we have attribute respecs sooner? I wish to test and provide more feedback in this early access playtest. However, I can’t do it without creating another character and re-leveling, which kills enthusiasm quickly.

These the feedback I can give so far. Hope it helps. :slight_smile:


Yeah that is completly pointless not having any respect.
Mahler said on Twitter that like to see we try different builds while retricting respecing for that, we can start new character for that purpose and start over which i hate.

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