Please please don’t pander to those saying game is too hard!

I suck at this game!

Or at least I did and that struggle to get good and learn the game is really what I’ve been looking for in modern gaming!

I know it’s an early access and you’ve been probably getting a lot of feedback. And all I can say is keep to the vision you guys have had! all the mechanics and upgrade systems and difficulty are great!

About me:
I’ve been playing video games since the beginning RPGs and ARPGs have been some of my favorites.

Some of my first favorites have been Diablo 1 and Diablo 2, secret of mana 2, phantasy star online, and ogre battle 64.

And more recently I’ve found my self trying to find games with that true gritty you suck at the beginning make you guy good type of feel game. Like the true classic arpg/rpg games were back in the day.

Recent rpg/arpg games I’ve recently enjoyed are some like Monster Hunter World, Wizards of Legend, other rogue like games, and for the king.

And I’ve played a lot of Diablo 4 and…… ya lol

Never played any souls like games.

Games I’ve been waiting to try are no rest for the wicked and Poe 2 (never played 1 but 2 might draw me in looks really good!)

My Concerns:
After seeing poles you guys are making like about stack sizes. And seeing complaints about inventory space and durability mechanics. And I’ve also seen lots of complaints about people thinking it’s too hard and not enjoying going back to areas to get materials and stuff.

I’m just worried you might pander to some of the masses and big streamers and make the game too basic and easy with less of a learning curve and less mechanics.

1.Stack sizes
The poll where you ask about stack sizes you said increase with game mechanic or just give 99. Majority voted just give 99. My guess would be the devs think mechanic is the play and I agree more stuff to upgrade and build up the better imo. But I’d say make this an easier early mechanic. Cheaper.

2.Inventory space
I watched the rax video where he complains a lot and I don’t think he’s right about a lot of the things and just because he’s a big streamer and like a crazy weird number cruncher guy I don’t want you guys to just give him everything he wants. Like his stash complaint I can agree with. I’m finding it difficulty right now because I suck I have to farm more and I havnt beat darak to get a house to add stash. So maybe we can add like a stash house to build in town with upgradeable stash for more space maybe near the vendors. Or add a new tab for like gems and weapon and armor shards different from other crating mats.

  1. Durability
    Another point about rax and I know he smashed the whole game pretty much before the patch but still lol. I haven’t had a problem with durability at all. there are so many ways to repair stuff and like don’t let your pick axe break before you repair it he just needs to learn the old school rpg ways.


Get good!

Learn the game upgrade your items. Find ones that are your play style. On the 19th I was so frustrated died and died and was pissed. thought about what I could do all day at work and the 20th after upgrading my items and making some changes. I was killing it!

I can’t wait for multiplayer and I’m very happy with the game so far!

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I think the difficulty is fine expect there was a sharp difficulty spike after I beat the Twins boss fight. I was level 18 and the mobs where level 21 I would assume since that was the level gear they where dropping

I havnt made it that far yet but after I beat the first boss I felt the same way. I was getting completely owned but I upgraded my items added gems to them. Put some points in focus and I was able to crush guys after. Felt really good and rewarding.