Punishment for death should be more severe

Probably an unpopular opinion but, I don’t really feel the consequences of death are all that high in this game. Loss of half exp + half gold would be awesome.

I might have picked an unlucky build, but I’ve died a ton and I think the game is plenty hard without adding extra tedium or obnoxious penalties to it.

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i enjoy the systems the game has in place for players who are willing to take the risk , the gems that give you bonus xp but lose xp on death as a good example . the consequences are there for the players that choose to risk it .

Pls seek professional help. xD

If they did, they would need to add a bank to deposit your gold to prevent more gold from being lost cuz I die enough as it is.

No, quite the opposite. Dying in a “soulslike” game is a common thing and the results need to be small.