The issue with the equipment's required usage values is significant.

I am now a late-stage character, but many weapons bought from stores have unreasonably high stat requirements for the character.
Here’s an example: the golden greatsword dropped by the first boss, Warwick, required 22 strength points before being repaired. This means that players had to allocate all their skill points to strength until level 4 just to wield this weapon, which is clearly unreasonable. The developers have recognized this issue, but as a golden weapon, a requirement of 22 strength is still achievable in the mid to late game. However, after upgrading the blacksmith and furniture merchant, the stat requirements for their weapons become outrageous, such as a great shield requiring 42 strength points and a longbow requiring 42 agility points. This means that players must allocate all skill points from 11 levels to one attribute to have the right to use these weapons.


Yes 100% agree here. I received a weapon from the third boss I killed that required 22 str and 22 faith. I didn’t get to use that weapon for about 10 hours. Dumping all of my points into str ignoring health, focus, stamina. Eventually I gave up when I reached the str stat and started using other weapons, levelling different stats and then finally went back to it after it was still the best weapon I had found.

I feel this really undermines the levelling up system in general as I should not be incentivised to focus solely on being able to use a weapon and not improve my character, and I find it very restrictive for build variety.

What makes it all worse is that you can’t know what moveset weapon has and what its skills do unless you equip it and try. And if you speced into a weapon you don’t like there’s no way to respec, so gg