Weapons and You

What happens if you can use any weapon, no matter your stats? How, you ask?

Here’s what I’d do.

Instead of stat requirements to use a weapon, gate them by level. However, you only get the base DMG of the weapon unless your stat matches the scaling requirement.


You have 10 in STRENGTH and 15 in FAITH.

You find a sword that requires 17 STRENGTH, and has a 
base damage of 5.

While you can equip the sword, you can only do 5 damage, 
and you can only use the first rune in the weapon. 

Once your STRENGTH equals 17, the sword's base damage 
can start to scale, and you can use all of the sword's runes.

You want to add Burning Slash, a rune that requires 16 Faith.

You can slot the rune in your sword, but unless you have 16 
Faith, you can not use it.

interesting solution , i think that stats as a whole should just do more for the player than damage however . like dex making you attack or cast spells faster or even take less fall damage , strength making you able to take more hits without being interrupted , mana / focus increasing the speed of dodges , etc . stats feel very restrictive when it boils down to " do more damage with x weapon " methinks .

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You could take runes and give them stat requirements as well.

EX: You have a sword that requires 15 strength to use. You want the “Burning Slash” rune added to it. Burning Slash requires 15 faith to use. You can slot the rune into the sword, but unless you have 15 faith, you can’t use that rune.

If you haven’t posted this in feedback please do. It’s a major issue I have with itemization in this game. Weapons can be locked aesthetically and quality wise behind level but not by stat requirements.

If a tier II weapon drops at 26/26 stat requirements, and I can just upgrade it to TIII, what natively makes the TIII version that drops with 48/48 stat requirements BETTER than the tier II one?

If a weapon requires higher stat investment to wield it should be better in some respect.