Please don't gatekeep weapons behind 4 different stats

The different weapons I find can require and scale with all sort of weird combinations of the 4 different stats strength/dexterity/intelligence/faith and if I do not happen to have skilled into the right stats, I’m either unable to equip the weapon or its ineffective.

Since there is currently no reskilling that means:
-a large part of the weapons I find later in the game are useless for me
-no matter how I skill, I’m always locked for no reason in a narrow subset of the large variety of distinct weapons that I could potentially enjoy playing
-I can not even try out all weapons without creating an additional character just for that, since to try out certain weapon types like bow, I’ll have to put points into a stat that will be entirely useless later on if I do not choose that weapon, so a character trying out a lot of weapons will be really unoptimized with ltos of wasted points
-we have 4 different stats that bascially do the same (increasing damage) and offer no interesting choice betweem them, since you’ll always just max the ones for the weapon you want while ignoring the other ones

Even if the developers later on add respeccing, they already said it will be expensive.
I would like to see this system reworked, so that I can freely explore and enjoy the weapon variety with all the distinct weapon moves this game offers. Every weapon I find could offer me the choice to try out a new playstyle. That would be fun.
A possible way to do this, would be to allow us to interchange points between the 4 stats int/dex/str/faith for free, so that you still commit the points as additional damage, but can still freely adapt them to the weapons you want to use.



100%. I got totally hosed going for a Str build. There is no Strength build! (To be clear, my stats are balanced, but primarily STR with some DEX)

I’m getting Tier 3 Weapon Drops. I’ve played 25 Hours. There is exactly one Tier 2 Weapon that I’ve found, and which I have the stats to wield.

The Stat Reqs are too high, and regular-ass non-magical equipment is locked behind Faith and Int.

The only thing I would want to see changed is maybe lower the stat requirments for weapons a bit, not too drastic but enough so It doesn’t take me 42 strength to use a 1 handed white straight sword