I played it for 73 hours, and this is the least immersive thing about the entire game

I played it for 73 hours, and this is the least immersive thing about the entire game.

My Steam play time is 73 hours. The world you have created is truly lifelike and everything feels great. But the attribute requirements of these weapons are simply a bunch of cold values. It is difficult to level up in the later stages of the game. The highest level is 30. All points are limited. For weapons with dual attribute requirements, the character attribute compensation is unreasonable. And the correlation between all these points and weapons is very low. A hammer, a giant club, a machete, a great sword, not only do they not require any power, but power has no compensation. It’s like these weapons are illusory products without entities. I have 40 strength and there is no change at all using this weapon.
Take “Elden Ring” as an example. What are some of the beliefs and intellectual weapons required inside? Assuming his faith compensation is A, then he will also have strength compensation D and agility compensation E. If the total of these character attribute compensations is 100%, then faith accounts for 80%. Strength accounts for 15%, and agility accounts for 5%. He requires 30 Faith or Intelligence to equip. But his strength and agility will also be in demand.
You can even add a tiny bit of strength correction to a hammer that requires 26 faith. His sense of fragmentation will not be so serious! The level cap of “Elden Ring” is 700+, and all points can reach 99. None of their games have so many high-demand weapons. Maybe you learned from some online game practices and used these things to limit players. Limit player growth and progress in game content experience. But when the content is not enough and the level is not high enough, these restrictions are too many! There are already enough restrictions with level restrictions and random drops, now there are also unattainable restrictions on weapon requirements. These limits have not been carefully set. Power is just a kind of point, and he is separated from the entire lifelike world.
Many people have mentioned that the difficulty setting is unreasonable.
There are 160 players in the social group chat I created, and what they discuss most every day is: the difficulty has been increased too much (after completing the mission of the church, all enemies have been greatly enhanced, and most of the drops are level 21) Equipment, but the player is about level 15 at this time). The weapon usage point requirements are set unreasonably. (By the way, there is a mistake. In the Chinese translation, the terms “parry” and “block” were translated backwards)

The interaction range setting is also too small! We have to cling to the treasure chest to open it. The same goes for talking to characters

The automatic sorting of the backpack is too confusing. Everything is not in a fixed order. If you remove an item from it, everything else will be messed up.

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I agree with the sentiment here, right now the stats strength, dexterity, intelligence, faith just feel like flavour picks to get you through the entry barrier of trying out a specific weapons. Alongside the scaling issue being resolved by actually attributing to the effectivness of the weapon, as you’ve described, I had the general thought of them giving these attributes an additional passive effect, for them to be distignishable from one another.

You could argue, sure, the weapons themselves have runes on them that are specific to that attribute requirement, but I feel like the stats themselves should carry more weight with them either way.

For example:
Strength could be paired with giving less stamina consumption when having heavy/medium equip loads and less stamina consumption with any weapon.
Dexterity could give more stamina regen, faster stamina regeneration time and faster movement speed in general.
Faith could give increased healing spells/food effectiviness and damage increase with lightining and plauge
Intelligence could increase damage done with fire and ice and less focus consupmtion

ON TOP of actually working to increase effectivness (damage) of weapons that scale with these attributes

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