The game isn't hard, it's tedious

  1. It’s really easy to jump to your death while sprinting around. Separate the jump and the run buttons.

  2. Respawning should be at nearest whisper not last whisper

  3. Fast travel system is really tedious

  4. Repairs and food are a bad gameplay loop

As I’m sure everyone has said a thousand times. This is a great soulslike that is completely ruined by the tedious loops that are added to the game.

I want to be able to fight enemies, not sprint around for half an hour trying to get places


I agree with all points except for the food/repair. There needs to be a cost for failure and as the enemies do not repsawn on death; item damage is the next best thing.


What do you mean? There is no such thing as a jump button. If you need to jump over the abyss, you run in the direction of the jump and you don’t need to press anything else, he will jump himself.
Pressing the button leads to a dodge, but it’s never a jump.

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If you are sprinting near a ledge, your character can sometimes yeet itself off the ledge.

I’ve died more to inadvertent ledge jumps than everything else put together.

The vines next to the bridge being the most common culprit. While sprinting to them I often times throw myself to my death.


This game started so promisingly. I loved the opening level on the ship and first level, it’s design and the boss fight before Sacrament. It sucks in souls fans like me with its incredible look and first level. However, after that, the rug gets pulled out from under you, and the content becomes samey, repetitive, grindy, tedious and limited for all the reasons so many of these posts say. I understand this game wants to create an endless playing loop that a more traditional level structure can’t achieve, but there should be a middle ground where we can have more linear brand new levels/layouts as well as some re-use of restructured previous levels. In short, if this game wants to market itself as a souls-like (which that’s how it was sold to me at least), the game should be designed that way more than it is.

I actually disagree slightly on this.

I think the game does appeal to the Diablo/POE fans. Endless loops are okay by me.

Loot farm on progressively harder enemies is appealing


I feel like repairs and food are ok-ish, the inventory is specially annoying. maybe I’m missing something, but am I supposed to go trough 10-20 chests and see what I have in there every time I’m searching for some material or item and then run back to the shop or workstation I’m supposed to use the item at? Worst inventory system of all games I played in the passed 10 years by far.
Fast travel should be fast and easy. Again, I migh be missing something but I can only see the option to go to Sacrament or last whisper. Why can’t i just teleport to any of them at any point ? If I want to go to Mariner’s Keep and then go to Nameless Pass why do I have to walk there ? What am I gaining if I walk the whole way except wasting time ? I’ve already been there a few times, already unlocked the whisper, why not let me teleport there directly ? I want to replay an area, who benefits from me walking on foot the whole area and wasting my time for no good reason ? If I want to walk and loot/gather/fight etc on my way, I should decide that I want to do that, not be forced to run there. Sure, I can run passed enemies and ignore them, but it still wastes 10-15 minutes that it shoul not. The fact that I can just run there in 10 minutes and ignore enemies should be the actual reason why I also should be able to just teleport. :slight_smile:

Someone called these designs “tedioum” but I would call them “wasteioum” because they just waste time and they are not necessary and don’t enhance the way you experience the game at all. They are just there to annoy and frustrate.

One of the things that games should never do is waste your time fo no good reason.


Absolutely agree on separating jump and sprint buttons. I think it also should be usable anywhere and not just off ledges

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I know what you mean about jumping off ledges by accident. I haven’t done it much, but it is frustrating when it happens. However, I think they’re trying to avoid it feeling like a platformer by having jumps automatically execute while sprinting. I don’t think a dedicated jump button is the solution. A few alternative solutions:

  1. (My preferred option) Add a dedicated dodge button on B/Circle, which currently isn’t used for anything except backing out of UI/menus. I’m an advocate for fully customizable controls, but B/Circle should be the default dodge button instead of tapping A/X as it is now. If B/Circle is a dedicated dodge button, then you also use that for jumping. So, sprinting would work as it does now, but to jump, you’d need to hold B/Circle near a ledge. The downside to this is you won’t be able to complete jumps quite as fluidly, but I think it’s a small sacrifice.

  2. Add a delay before jumping so when you accidentally run up to a ledge where jumping off would kill you, you have a chance to change course before your character jumps. Problem with this is it would make the movement feel clunky when you’re actually trying to jump.

  3. Disable jumping off any ledge that would kill you/any ledge over a certain height.

  4. Reverse the way walking and sprints/jumping works now. So, by default your character sprints all the time, but then holding the button causes them to walk or execute a jump when near a ledge. Problem with this is you’d burn stamina necessarily in combat. My solution to that is to simple remove the stamina requirement for sprinting in combat. There’s a stamina cost to every other combat movement. We don’t need one for sprinting necessarily.

Blockquote It’s really easy to jump to your death while sprinting around. Separate the jump and the run buttons.

I don’t really feel this way, but having it on separate buttons should be something the make possible with the coming controller remapping for those who want to.

Respawning should be at nearest whisper not last whisper

Why exactly?
90% of the time the last one is also the nearest one.
If anything it should be the nearest one already visited. But even then depending on unlocked shortcuts and the direction you are going/coming from it is not really clear what the nearest one is most of the time.
I rather have the control over where I spawn.

Fast travel system is really tedious

I don’t think it is tedious at all.
But it is very limited, true.
There should probably be whispers you can always teleport to at key locations and the regular ones in between you can only go back and forth from.
So you do not have to start in the City every time you want to go in a different region.

Repairs and food are a bad gameplay loop

I feel both are fine.
I much rather have accumulating repair costs than lose all experience points to the next level when dying. (Even with a chance to reclaim them. That only forces you to run to the location again, or even worse try the boss again and again, until you either beat it or abandon the progress you worked for)
Certainly you could have no downside to dying at all, but that would just make dying inconsequential.

Similar thing with the Food, I like that I have control over how many healing items I can bring, rather than being stuck with a fixed amount.
The downside of having to collect materials and craft them is really minor, since by just picking up a couple of plants on my way I get more than enough for what is needed.

I understand why you feel like this, but i have to say i hard disagree on my part.

I have had few times i jumped to my death but they have been mostly bugs/stuck moments that will be ironed before release. My friend dies like every other minute for fall damage and in my opinion that is because he sprints 100% of the time, tries to “shortcut” or do other unnecessary stuff. But i am not against having OPTION for separate buttons for run and jump.

Sure respawning feels bad when sh*t hits the fan and you forgot to tag last one but i feel like it is part of the game and i feel fine with it. While i run back i gather some mats or take another route to make worth for it.

Fast travel is AMAZING in this game. Not being able to teleport everywhere you want makes this game feel more alive and gives more reason to think what else you can do while you go for main objective. This game would be boring with fast travel everywhere mentality. I am sure most dont think that way :stuck_out_tongue:

Repairs… I feel they are fine but if they would take it away i would be fine, But i have had 0 problem with the food. I farm ALOT in this game. I have multiple chests full of food and mat tab full of more mats every trip i make. I like it this way.

If they make fast travel so you can go everywhere you want instantly or make food farming obsolete, game would be boring for me. Actually i would like it to be more farm heavy than it is now. But that is how i see it.

Ok, let me give you an easy example: I was in the sewers farming crap and then I wanted to go to the Nameless Pass to farm some more. I’ve already been there and cleared the area at least 5-10 times. It takes maybe 10-15 minutes to walk there from Sacramant, more if you want to also fight on the way there.

What I do now: Teleport to Sacrament, then start walking east for about 10 minutes ignoring monsters on the way and just get to where I want to be. Now ask yourself, why ? Why would I need to be walking somewhere ignoring monsters to get there 10 minutes later. Who has what to gain from this action ? How does that benefit me, or my experience in the game ? What would change if I just fast travel there ?

I think there should be at least one “main” whisper in every area that you can teleport to if you want to go back to an area and farm it.

Well it is way you play and feel. There is nothing wrong about your opinion. I dont skip mobs and i have been enjoying how it works now.

  1. That’s part of the challenge, and I like the way sprinting works like old school Zelda.

  2. Completely agreed.

  3. It’s not that bad at all. You find a whisper, teleport to Sacrament, then teleport to your last whisper after its time to continue where you left off. What’s the problem?

  4. Disagreed. I enjoy crafting, gathering and all the little survival elements. Repair powder is in abundance, and repairs themselves are cheap and easy to do. Food can literally be bought from the store if you’re too lazy to craft it.