The game doesn't save characters, but it saves worlds?

“I’ve been having certain issues with my game, more specifically when it comes to saving it. While playing, it runs satisfactorily, but the problem arises when I exit the game. No matter how many times I press ‘Y’ within the game, it simply doesn’t save. When I return to the main screen, my character, whom I’ve spent hours evolving, simply isn’t there, only the created world remains. The continue option is invalid, as if I were opening the game for the first time. And when I press the option below, instead of showing me the created world, it simply displays character creation. However, when I create a character and go to the world selection, if I delete all world options and return to the menu, there’s the character I just created. And if I delete it too, that’s when the continue option becomes available. But if I press it, it simply returns to the option below.”

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I tried in every way to reset the game to its initial state on Steam to see if it’s a problem with my Steam cloud or a problem with the game itself. I couldn’t delete the saved information in the cloud, but I managed to see that there was a world save and a character save. This was what intrigued me the most because there was no character appearing on the initial screen, and the game didn’t give me the option to continue. But there was a character save. I really hope they see this and can help me because I really want to play the game, but there’s simply no way for me to start a new game every time I try to play.

"I’m really starting to get worried, there have been two updates already and every time I enter to test the game, the same problem occurs. It’s just terrible, the game is there but I don’t have enough time to play everything at once and there are no saves so I can play more calmly. I hope they fix it soon, it’s been over three hours of gameplay just in testing.

I found this guy who managed to fix the same type of bug. I’m still going to test what he described, but this might help anyone passing by here.

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