My characters disappear!

I started playing on Friday, and I had already played 3 hours or more, suddenly I had a lack of energy, and when I came back, my character had disappeared, only my kingdom remained along with the character’s progress…
I went to play on other days, same problem, only the kingdom is saved in the game, the character disappears; even creating a new game and such!!! :frowning:
I found out on the Steam forum that there are other players with this problem too; and for this reason I ask; Will there be a fix soon? Or is there any way to resolve this??

I just responded to someone and I believe It’s the same issue -

Hope it helps

Many thx; i have all then again!!! :slight_smile:

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THANK YOU SO MUCH! this deffinetly got me playing again but somehow i lost my main character. honestly i dont care hahah i can play the game again.just got to delete like 15 test characters that i had lol. realms are all still there. this was the solution to the characters being deleted.

Hey, my character disappears after I teleport to last whisper. However I can still interact with NPC. My character won’t be back even if I reload from backups. But my character is back after I restart the game.

im lost this didnt help me i put alot of work into my character and i have lost it all and im really upset can someone help me please i cant seem to get my character back, i was playing lastnight and game crashed and when i loaded it back up my character was gone and i cant seem to get it back, i see the back up files but i dont see my character