Lost progression


I played the game on day one, and the next day, i lost my character. I was waiting few days, because “Maybe it will back” but no, nothing came back.

I have my game, so i can add an other character to this game, but i have no character actually.

Is it a know bug ?


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Hello mate, it’s sad to know that there’s someone else experiencing the same bug as me. I’ve been trying to fix this bug for a few days actually, searching for a tutorial or trying to understand if it was my Steam cloud or my game. Apparently it’s the game, so I’ll try to properly report it this weekend so they can fix it. I hope it works out, good luck there, buddy.

Same here :unamused: :unamused: my character after 46 hours of gameplay is gone and the realm progression is there. i created a new character but it won’t save the character

I saw your post earlier, I found a post from someone who managed to rescue their character. I’ll send it here again so that other users who saw it can try it too. Hopefully, If God wills it.