Lost my progression

When I started the game I couldn’t find my character anymore. Creating a new character I can use the recent realms but without the possibility of recovering the PG, where I had also redeemed the armor Cerim, now being forced to start again I can redeem it again ?

Same here
this bug makes the game unplayable. I can’t save any of my toons and all my redeemed items are lost with my 46h played character

Não apague nada, pode ser resolvido. Ainda não testei oque um usuário falou mas aparentemente dá para recuperar. Vou colocar o link do post.

Sorry, here’s the translation:
Don’t delete anything, it can be resolved. I haven’t tested what one user said yet, but apparently it’s possible to recover. I’ll put the link to the post, if you want to try it too.

Thanks del suggerimento, but I didn’t solve it either

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