Every time I quit the game my character is lost

When I quit the game and open it again my character is gone. The continue button is greyed out and I can only create a new character. My realm is still there but I can’t find any sign of my previous character. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the game several times and tried creating new characters. Every time I quit the game my character is lost.


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I have the same problem.

Same :frowning:
I would really like to play this game…

Same here. Damn i can not find a fix

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Me to it doesn’t save anything and every time I have to start over at the beginning. As soon as I leave, he asks me to create a character

Me too, same problem, tried several possibility but no one worked

Thank you for the report. If possible can you send me your DataStore Folder?

C:\Users\yourname\AppData\LocalLow\Moon Studios\NoRestForTheWicked

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hi, the site just said to me that we are not uathorized to upload this tipe of
file, but in the folder i see all my charachter save, and i dont undertood whats the problem .__.

Maybe such a good fix can be adding a button “Load you charachter file” or something else

It would help the tech team if you could send us the DataStore Folder :slight_smile:

same with me! has been going on since launch

The Backup i think are the 2 character i’ve played more, iìve deleted all other “character test”

Hi there.

I had a similar problem. The game shut itself down and the level 30 character was gone from the realm. At the following link please find some hopefully helpful files.

Any chance of recovery? What’s your opinion?