Tedium by design


  1. Inventory is gimped from the get-go. No access to any extra storage, until you get to the city - except you need to walk all the way to the top of the city, to then enter a door and go down a spiraling staircase, to access your first chest.
    To make this less tedious, after spending some wood and copper, you can build the lower part of the staircase so you can access the tower from a lower level.
    Later on you can buy a house and place chests there, which is also a tiny bit better.
    The core issue remains though, is that your inventory is limited and whenever you need to craft or upgrade something, items needed can’t come from your storage, but you have to manually go pick up said items.

  2. You kill a boss to gain it’s incredible power to… have 5 more inventory slots? And the most useful of these has been the ability to wear another ring or to have more slots for plants and other resources. You understand how underwhelming that sounds? No new skill? No legendary weapons or cool gear?

Inventory management is probably the LEAST fun mechanic in any RPG. No one wants to spend half of their playtime in menus or running around the city only to manage their items.

I’m sure most of these issues with the inventory will be ironed out, but I’m still worried by how much of the game, as it stands, has been built around things being annoying and tedious, so the player can upgrade them to be less-so.

  1. Even with maxing out the inventory slots from boss souls, it’s still not enough. Not even close to enough. There are way too many different items that you actively want to collect.

Dark Souls understands this. It limits your loadout (equip load), but not your inventory.


That is absolutely my biggest complaint with the game and it makes me doubt in game philosophy of the devs. It seems like they came up with the idea that farming and spending money and resources needed to be at the core of the game loop, and the only purpose they found for supporting that loop was to add tedium you could then spend to reduce. As it is, paying for a shortcut or chess or inventory space doesn’t feel great, it just feels like you won a fight or farmed a bunch only to be punished a bit less by the devs for playing their game.

It gives us a weird conundrum because if they fix the issues people have with the game, then a whole lot of the economy doesn’t make sense anymore.

It’s truly baffling that nobody in the team questioned such blatantly poor design when the exploration, combat, and art design are all absolutely fantastic. I really hope they manage to find a way to restructure the economy because the rest of the game is great and I really, really want to be able to recommend it.

Don’t get me wrong, I like the survival aspect of the game, but it needs to offer us something more interesting than cutting down on artificial tedium.


Agreed. Game is absolutely tedium by design. Can’t believe this is from the Ori developers. Ori has zero tedium.

The game’s core of exploration, combat and RPG upgrade mechanics set in a beautiful world with charming NPCs and an intriguing story is all it really needs. All the tedious aspects like inventory limits, storage, storage not referenced when upgrading, restrictive fast travel, non-healing whispers, building taking time, etc., are just making the game worse.

The goal should be = No TEDIUM for the Wicked.


I’m sure they will tweak the inventory, but i’m not having any issues, once you get a house you can store a ton of stuff. You shouldn’t need any more storage after that.

I enjoy progressing the shops and city building projects, it gives the city more meaning because you are upgrading it. And to be fair upgrading the city is super easy.

It would be one thing if the inventory didn’t work itself out, but it does.

You can also make a new Realm and log out at the Storage Box, and when you join that Realm again, you spawn right in at the Storage Box. You can make as many of those as you want.

I’m guessing you also want to equip the best gear and weapons without finding them or killing bosses either, you know…because that’s tedium???

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Agreed. Inventory management is just boring and tedious. No need for it. Give us more space for all the goodies. I know once you get a house there’s more storage space, but that takes a while and there’s really no reason to have to wait.

Also agreed that beating bosses/large enemies doesn’t feel rewarding enough. Should be guaranteed good loot. Still randomized, sure, but you need to get something good for it to feel satisfying.


The player inventory is one thing, but to add to this, you have to craft chests with 10-20 item slots that you place around your house. Then you need to remember what you placed in which and make sure you don’t place them too close. When you need something from the chests, you need to individually open each and search for the item, hovering over each because hell remembers what each coal, rock and metal, root, woord etc item looks like by icon. Then get them out of the chest and walk all the way to the vendor / workstation to use/craft with it. And if you need to craft something else now, go back home, search trough the 10-20 chests that you have and see if you have what you need.
I used to play a web D&D game that was only text. It had me using pen and paper in order to keep track of all the loot that I got and where I stashed it and the progress that I had because the game was just telling you in text where you are and what you did.
It’s good to see that I need to use pen & paper again, 20 years later, to keep track of my loot.

The thing is that this is also easy to fix:

  1. When I open a chest in my house all chest would open as tabs so I don’t have to walk to each.
  2. When I go to turn in quests or upgrade equipment or whatever (even cook inside of the city), if I have the items needed in any of my stashes, just let me use them. There is no point in making me run home, search the 20 chests and then go use the items.

I feel like the game is pretty ok and fast travel and inventory are by far the worst time wasters that the game has.


But why? Why should you have to waste time running around town or changing realms just to access items you already got? It’s not challenging, it’s not fun. It’s only tedious and boring.

All your chests should be connected. There’s no reason they’re not, except than to waste your time and reward your grind with options to slightly waste less time. It’s a ridiculous game design philosophy.

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