Inventory Management in town

Inventory management is incredibly annoying, For one, i get that i need to upgrade my inventory space and makes it to where i need to put stuff away (in the community chest??). on the other hand, when i go to craft or sell or whatever in town, the storage container isnt shared with the vendors? so i have to run all the back to my lodging and grab it, and then run back to the vendor to do whatever it is im trying to do. Its a lot of wasted time running back and forth and the kind of thing that annoys the hell out of me.

Edit: so now i have filled my Community stash. I have a full inventory and a full community stash. I feel like i cannot play without being forced to skip resources because i have no where to stash my inventory. The problem here isnt the resources, the crafting, the grinding etc., its the inventory management and ease of access. Please go watch Raxxanterax Review video on youtube. He explains the problem perfectly about inventory management and how it is a big problem and can really turn people off about a game. We want to play but we don’t want to be bothered with poor inventory managment. Just to kinda drive this point home, i got on the game today, went to dump my inventory, ran into said problem above and got off the game. I think ill just wait until this gets updated and fixed? idk

Edit 2: oh and on another note. i see people are creating realms to increase inventory slots and transfer/store items. This is absolutely a no go. people were forced to do this in Diablo 4 and we all know how the community reacted to there poor inventory management design. This is a band aid approach to a problem that needs a real solution


Making the “shared stash” available when at vendors seems like a great idea to me!


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To be honest, the game doesn’t need something as fiddly as that. It’s completely unecessary and only downs the actual fun gameplay. Why don’t they just do it the way Dark Souls did and make the player just have every resource up their sleeves whenever they need them. Inventory management in my opinion only makes sense in survival games, because they are supposed to be realistic and difficult. An action rpg game only suffers from that nonsense. It just makes it less fun.


+1 for this. Please make the stash usable with vendors

I think there can be fun with SOME inventory management. As-in if it’s forcing the player to go back to town and interact with certain elements that are also fun. Games like Monster Hunter do this and it works. You’re basically going on runs and coming back and resupplying/preparing for your next outing. The issue here is that there is no sense of preparing for your next outing nor does the game ackowledge your stash when crafting. I would say, “just do it like monster hunter”, but fundementally the game isn’t set up as hub based where you’re picking up missions and preparing your loadout for that mission. It could be… but it’s not.

All of that said I’ll leave it to the devs to figure out. There two clear answers on solution.
*allow menus when crafting to access stash. though I think this whole system needs a rework. and the devs kind of need to answer the question of what about this system makes the game fun. I suspect they have bigger plans for housing and it to feel quasi survivalish.
*as you said get rid of the stash all together and rethink the whole system

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Edit 3: I have now acquired a house and have bought chests. I have about 3 chests and 2 wardrobes. Total storage is already about 90% full. It helps having the option to get chests but i will be having the same problem soon. Stack sizes need to be much higher like 100 or 999 or something. Also storage shared with vendors is still something i wish very much. I also think that the need for more storage comes way faster than the ability to buy a house

Totally agree. I think that an endless (or close to it) chest and a link between it and the city improvements will feel really comfortable in the game. The current state of those features makes me, first, navigate the same way an artificially high number of times and, second, leave resources on the map, which feels really out of place considering the amount of materials I need to improve the city. In the end, both problems are the same: don’t make me lose my time unjustifiably.

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However this game is introducing survival mechanics to the ARPG. I think adding capacity to the community stash would help and making chests available for purchase early on would help the in town inventory.

And YES for the love of all that is good and true - let us access our stash at vendors and crafters!