Inventory juggling is not fun

I’m having a blast exploring, fighting and upgrading weapons.

What’s not fun, are the glowing blue orbs out in the world. Each one fills me with dread. Each time, chances are high that it is some material or consumable that I want or need, but that doesn’t fit into the inventory.

I’m at a loss what the game wants me to do. On the one hand, it actively encourages me to go back to old areas (e.g., to get more clay) and the devs invested a lot of time to make going back to old areas fun (fog of war, fresh enemy types spawning, etc.), but that means you end up with items from all regions competing for the limited inventory space.

Inventory management has never been fun. In any game. Managing your loadout, balancing your equip load, that is fun. Deciding whether to throw out the raw trout or the mushroom? Who among the play testers came away from a session and said “gosh and then that one time where I had to throw away the apple to pick up the rat meat, that was amazing”? There is a reason Dark Souls/Elden ring doesn’t limit your inventory.


100% dude. Inventory issues have been a year long problem in Diablo 4. I don’t understand why devs don’t understand this issue. No one likes it; no one wants it. Equip load is one thing. Storage is another. It feels like they only made storage an issue to encourage the hamster wheel need to farm/endless play loop this game is trying to create. There is no other logical reason to intentionally create such an unfun storage system that runs counter to what the rest of the game not only encourages, but requires.