Target Lock ON/OFF Keybind

Does R3 do anything? Could be used for target lock on/off. Does using right stick in directions do anything? Could be used for switch target in the direction moved. Please deliver on this ASAP. It would be very helpful for combat.
Example: there is a ladder and 2 enemies chasing me in a tight area, but I can’t climb the ladder to push them over and die, because…
Example: I want to target enemy from distance while moving on the opposite direction, but I can’t because…

No need to go on and on, right? It is already in the game in options, so just add a key for it! Thank you for your consideration!


I agree. I’m using WASD, but a way to toggle target lock would be great. Really hoping accuracy is improved too, that way playing fully without the aut-locking is viable.

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Glad someone understands… :slight_smile: