Suggestions and feedback

Let me tell you a bit about myself: I’ve been involved in game development for about 8 years now. Gaming has been my passion since I was a kid, and I can’t imagine ever losing interest. Looking ahead, this game stands out to me as a potential Game of the Year contender. I understand why the developers made certain decisions across different parts of the game, and I have full confidence in the team’s understanding of their craft.

Firstly, I want to praise the game for its refreshing approach. The art direction is truly stunning.

However, the First-Time User Experience (FTUE) or the initial hook, there’s room for improvement. A polished beginning is crucial for drawing players deeper into the narrative and mechanics. Perhaps incorporating more epic sequences at the outset or introducing captivating weaponry with additional runes could enhance engagement. Furthermore, more storytelling about the player character, his motivation, who is he overall and background would add depth.

One concern is the lack of tutorials, which can lead to initial frustrations over certain design choices. Providing players with early access or sneak peak about fast travel could alleviate this issue.

Regarding aesthetics, the game’s art style is poised to be unparalleled. However, I occasionally find myself wishing for more musical depth in certain areas. While not a pressing concern, enhanced musical accompaniment could further elevate the game’s atmosphere.

The game’s mechanics are its highlight, featuring a breathtaking weather system and intricate environmental physics. Introducing dependencies, such as increased damage from electricity to moisture-laden foes or diminished impact from fire to them, would add a layer of strategic depth. Imagine the possibilities: hurling electricity grenades into water or setting pools of oil ablaze to dispatch enemies.

Addressing user interface and user experience (UI/UX) concerns is crucial. Clearer guidance and tutorials would mitigate confusion and frustration among players. Additionally, implementing features like item comparison pop-ups would streamline the gaming experience.

Lastly, while I understand that health regeneration system is still a work in progress, the current system falls short of expectations. A mere 10-second cooldown for regeneration with a lot food varieties are underwhelming.

In summary, while this game shows promise, there are areas that could benefit from improvement. With thoughtful adjustments and enhancements, it has the potential to become an unparalleled gaming experience.

PS: The game requires a new penalty upon death if it’s not the durability for items anymore :wink:

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Straight on! I agree with most of what you pointed out, especially opportunities for higher damage output tied to the weather system and the environment, yet higher danger if you don’t take it and enemy damage types into account!

I thought a bit about bringing up Breath of the Wild’s weather & elements system affecting both your weapon and armor choices and I’d love it if there was something similar implemented in the future. I’d personally forego the weather affecting our worn/carried gear choices however as in a game like this it would grow tedious having to switch up gear constantly.

A lighter implementation like the one you mentioned, where elemental damage (and perhaps AoE radius) in particular gets affected by the weather system looks like a very solid foundation! Rain would increase the heat resistance of anyone standing in it by something like 25 ~ 50%. Anyone swimming has their heat resist increased by something like 75 ~ 80 and so on. Similarly, the lightning resist in same conditions gets reduced accordingly.

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