My vision to have a better "No rest for the wicked"

Hello team, sorry for my english. I will do my best for you.

Your game have a big potential, i will hope this suggestions help your studio.

Let’s start with what I like:

  • the artistic direction is simply magnificent.
  • the sound feedback in combat is also really good.
  • the spell / rune systems on our weapons are amazing.
  • The Sacrament Hub part to prepare before returning to combat or exploration.
  • Gameplay that is neither too slow or too fast.
  • The cutscenes are magnificent and the work on the facial animations is crazy!
  • The housing which adds a little something.
  • Different animations for each weapon.
  • The level design of the zones when you discover them the first time.
  • the bestiary seems quite extensive.
  • the day/night cycle is interesting (still underexploited)

However, there is still work on certain elements if we want to avoid too much redundancy.
Here are some suggestions / improvements by category.

Playing comfort :

  • For the sake of comfort, we must link our chests to the merchants / crafting zone, to avoid going back and forth which doesn’t bring much.
  • Collecting resources with the first tools is slightly too long.
  • Do not restrict the inventory and therefore the reward for killing a big boss should not be to have more space in the inventory. Why not, plans for weapons or objects, or housing. This will restore importance to crafting and farming.
  • add a little shirt video to describe the rune’s power.
  • add a system to read all stats (main and secondary stats) and what they mean.


  • Display the active quest on the interface in small size.
  • Make daily/weekly prime and challenges more attractive.
    Already, we return to areas that we know, we also fight against monsters that we know… we have to create small changes in the areas. Changing the location of the chests is clearly not enough. In my opinion, a Zone must exist in at least 3 or even 5 distinct copies.
    I know it’s can be difficult to continue to work on something we say “oh it’s finish” But lot of game add some feature without change the older. For me it’s a error.

Bestiary :

  • The bestiary is extensive but… they don’t have enough patterns. We quickly learn their movements.
    Knowing that we will have to kill the same enemies X times, especially with the prime or challenge system. Unfortunately, if we are not surprised after the 2nd return to the zone… few people will do these daily quests.
    If the goal of the game is to find a way for players to return to areas already explored and not get tired of these areas, the monsters have to surprise us.
    Why not manage monster patterns based on the day/night cycle?
  • The AI of monsters and bosses seems to be manipulated. If you place yourself in a certain place, it forces you to execute a certain attack. He’s going to do the attack we want him to do…

Others :

  • why not introduce a season feature ? (summer, winter, spring, autumn)

Here is my first return.
For me, you have to quickly break the redundancy and add surprise.

But the game is still really cool. Well done.