My detailed feedback after playing for 18 hours

Hello, “No Rest for the Wicked” development team, I am a player from China. In China, your game has received tremendous attention. I have deeply played the “Ori” series, and therefore I have high expectations for your new work. Since the launch of the Early Access version of “No Rest for the Wicked,” I have already experienced for nearly 18 hours. The refreshing sense of combat and the hand-drawn art style of the game are commendable. During this experience, I have also found some shortcomings, which I will list below for your reference, so that we can work together to make this game better.

Please forgive me if my English is not very good. I hope the following suggestions are clear:

  1. Increase the monster encyclopedia, including possible items that may drop and the areas they may appear in, to facilitate the convenience of players in collecting materials.
  2. Add a character skill point reset feature or item. In the current Early Access version, the point requirements for some late-game weapons limit players who have already reached the maximum level, preventing them from fulfilling their desire to play with a variety of weapons.
  3. Customize keyboard and controller buttons. In China, the vast majority are PC players, so the demand for keyboard customization is increasing among players.
  4. Increase the stack limit for items in the backpack. Currently, the stack limit for a single item in the backpack is 20, which is not sufficient in the late game due to the limitation of backpack slots and the collection of materials. Additionally, some materials have a low drop rate, such as bear paws.
  5. Backpack item sorting issue. I hope to add a value-based sorting feature for backpack items, to facilitate players in quickly searching and organizing unwanted low-value equipment and items.
  6. Weapon skill descriptions and background stories. Some weapon skill descriptions are too brief, and the background stories of the weapons could be enriched to add more depth to the game content.
  7. Weapon enchanting issues. In weapon enchanting, whether blue weapons can be enchanted to better purple ones, or whether enchantments on already enchanted weapons can be removed, even if players have to pay some price, I think the development team can consider this.
  8. Set map edge protection without pressing the jump button. In some areas of the map, players can easily slip and lose their hard work in climbing or solving puzzles due to a misstep.
  9. The last point is also the most important one, which is the optimization issue of the game. There is severe frame rate drop on some particle effects, and there is also stuttering when entering certain maps, as well as during cutscenes. I hope that in the future, there can be detailed adjustments for effects in the settings, such as rain effects, texture quality, character quality, map detail, etc., and the opening of DLSS.

These are the suggestions I have after 18 hours of experience. I hope the development team can truly adopt and listen to the players’ suggestions. I believe this will be the best game of 2024 so far, let’s make it even better together.

Looking forward to your response, and please accept my apologies for any shortcomings in my English.